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Region of Sierra Morena Cordobesa

The region of Sierra Morena Cordobesa covers part of the surface area of two Natural Parks in the province of Cordoba: the Hornachuelos Natural Park and the Cardeña-Montoro Natural Park.

Most of the area of the natural parks is set aside for hunting, although there are also pig, cattle and sheep farms. Beekeeping has become very popular thanks to the richness of the existing flora.

With regard to the fauna, we can find imperial, golden, booted and short-toed eagles, griffon and black vultures, white and black storks, mammals such as the lynx, wolf and otter, and other game species such as deer and wild boar.

There is no shortage of large reservoirs and rivers for nautical tourism, as well as cliffs for climbing, GR7 long-distance hiking trails and the best gastronomy in terms of game meat and other traditional delicacies.

The companies of the Sierra Morena Cordobesa