Valle de los Pedroches Valle del Guadiato Valle del Guadalquivir (izq) Córdoba Valle del Guadalquivir (dcha) Valle del Guadajoz Subbética Campiña sur

Our land.

Our land, the province of Cordoba, located in the north of the autonomous region of Andalusia, is dotted with natural areas of extraordinary ecological and scenic value. Rich in tradition, it possesses an impressive monumental heritage, where an indelible cultural and historical imprint seems to have lain dormant since time immemorial.

With a gastronomy that has experienced a notable boom, recovering a varied recipe book of traditional cuisine. An ideal destination to experience the most diverse sensations. The Guadalquivir, which flows in its middle course, crosses the province from east to west and fertilises a wide fertile plain where cereals, vines and olives grow. 

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Montilla-Moriles Wine Culture Montilla-Moriles Wine Culture
21 / May / 2021

Montilla-Moriles Wine Culture

There is no doubt that Cordoba has a great wine culture, due to its respect for good wines and its long-established wine…


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