Los Moriles Apartments

Los Moriles is a newly built tourist complex, located in the heart of the municipality: Plaza de la Constitución. A perfect place to sit on a terrace and eat, have a drink or enjoy a tasty ice cream.

These accommodations are built on one of the first houses that gave rise to the Aldea de Zapateros, a name prior to the name of Moriles as a town. It is a family project built over five years with a lot of effort and enthusiasm.

Los Moriles Apartments – Tourist accommodation in Moriles

In total, it is made up of four apartments, each of approximately 40 m2, fully equipped.

For the decoration of each apartment, they have had the advice of the decorator José Vicente Matas Moral, author of several of the photographs exhibited in the building. Each apartment has a unique style and decoration, managing to create a comfortable and welcoming environment.

In general, they are bright apartments, with a simple and functional decoration, in which modern architecture is fused with some old elements. Its walls are starred by the collection of photographs and images that belong to the “Moriles en el Objective Photographic Rally” that is held every year in the town on the occasion of the Harvest Festival.

Next, we present the four apartments and their main amenities.

Apartment 1A

It is located on the first floor and overlooks the town square.

What makes this loft original is its floral mural and a magnificent photograph of the entrance to the Lagar de Santa Magdalena whose author is José Vicente Matas Moral.

Apartment 1B

An ideal apartment for the family.

It is on the first floor and has a decoration where you play with white / gray tones to fix your gaze on the photograph of a glass of wine in the albero of one of our wineries, by the author José Manuel Arispon.

Apartment 2A

With views of the town square, the uniqueness of this loft is its mural of a branch leaf and the photograph of the Pasera de las Bodegas San Pablo, by the author José Javier Moreno.

Apartment 2B

It is a spacious and bright loft that invites you to rest and relax.

Its decoration combines the new with some old elements such as the frame that presides over the head of the bed or the mirror in the bathroom, with a touch of color, as well as the photograph of one of our beautiful wineries.

Los Moriles Apartments Services

In general, each apartment includes a series of amenities to make your stay more comfortable and comfortable.

Among them, flat screen TV, air conditioning and heating, washing machine, shower, wardrobe, sofa bed, ironing board and iron, bedding, towels, hair dryer, microwave, washing machine, coffee maker and elevator, among others.

If you are interested in knowing more, access the official website of Apartamentos Los Moriles and take a look at the photos of all the apartments, their corners and different styles.

On the website you can also make your reservation and find out about everything that the Moriles environment offers you and the activities that they propose.

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