Argot Flamenco

Organisation of personalised tourist experiences through flamenco in all its artistic expressions: singing, guitar playing and dancing, establishing synergies with other sectors such as gastronomy, astronomy, oenology and the equestrian sector.

Argot Flamenco Services

Argot Flamenco offers a wide variety of services, all of them related to flamenco in all its artistic expressions, i.e. singing, dancing and guitar playing:

  • Festivals: Competitions, flamenco festivals, contests and other performances.
  • Recitals: Flamenco nights, recitals and flamenco cycles.
  • Training: Conferences, courses, lectures, flamenco educational workshops.
  • Shows: Flamenco Art Shows, Equestrian Art and others.
  • Tradition: We organise Saetas, congresses and other events and Flamenco Christmas.
  • Weddings: Celebration of civil and religious ceremonies.

Organisation of activities and events with Argot Flamenco

Organisation of activities and events with Argot Flamenco

They also organise medium, large and small Flamenco shows, combining musicality, theatre and Flamenco. Another type of show they propose is one that fuses flamenco art and equestrian art, starring the horse and the dancer.

They also organise flamenco days, courses, conferences and educational workshops with the aim of raising awareness of the art of flamenco, all through theoretical and practical lessons given by professionals in Flamenco Singing and Dancing, Flamenco Guitar and Flamenco Percussion.

Argot Flamenco also offers different activities aimed at the preservation of the flamenco tradition related to the celebrations of bullfighting festivals, Easter, Cultural Week, Christmas…

They can accompany you on such a special day as your wedding day, through a flamenco or rociera mass, or in the case of a civil ceremony, they can enliven that unforgettable moment with flamenco music.

Flamenco Starlight Experience in Dehesa de Los Pedroches

One of the best rated activities of the company Argot Flamenco is the Flamenco Starlight Experience, in the Dehesa de Los Pedroches, Cordoba. This experience consists of fusing the typical gastronomy of Cordoba, the starry sky declared a Starlight Reserve, and the flamenco chords of great musical stars: a night that you won’t want to end. This astro-gastro-musical experience will be unforgettable.

This activity lasts 90 minutes and is designed for groups of at least 10 people. It takes place in the spring-summer season at dusk.

We recommend that you visit the official website of Argot Flamenco, SL to consult all the services they offer.

Flamenco records for sale

From the Argot Flamenco website you can buy the records of those artists with whom they collaborate and who participate in the events. You can place your order from the same website and you will receive it shortly at home. The discs are:  

  • Disco “De Cante Vengo” (11,00€)
  • Disco Flamenco Presente (16,00€)
  • Disco “Córdoba Única” (12,00€)

Check the website for all this, and also to be aware of all the events they are organising, and you can even book your ticket from their website.

Argot Flamenco – History and commitment to culture

Argot Flamenco is a company born in the Valle de los Pedroches, in the province of Cordoba, led by Pilar Fernández, passionate about music, particularly Flamenco.

The main objective of Argot Flamenco is to mediate between professionals in the artistic sector, as well as the organisation of festive events, congresses, festivals and artistic shows in general, in addition to the rental of equipment, stage assembly, and much more.

For Argot Flamenco, flamenco is the culture that identifies us within and beyond our borders. It is present, past and future, tradition and avant-garde and one of the richest and most complex cultural manifestations in the world. An artistic expression resulting from the fusion of vocal music, the art of dance and musical accompaniment, respectively called: cante, baile and toque. In fact, in 2010 flamenco was included as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO.

Throughout its history, Argot Flamenco has participated in countless flamenco events and activities with different public entities such as town councils, provincial councils, associations, peñas, etc. They have also organised private events such as business lunches, wedding celebrations, tourist visits, family reunions, etc.

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