Wine tourism in its purest form in the heart of Cordoba’s Sierra Morena, the only ones. Routes through our ecological vineyards, tastings and tastings of natural wines, courses and masterclasses of tasting and enjoyment.

Wine tourism in Sierra Morena with Bodegas El Peco

The history of El Peco in Sierra Morena (Córdoba) is the story of a transgressive mentality, pioneer and reference in the wine sector in continuous search for vineyards, wines and experiences.

At El Peco you can enjoy different experiences:

Enotourism or Wine Tourism

One of the best known and most fashionable is currently Wine Tourism or also known as Wine Tourism. It is an experience for the five senses in Córdoba.

Wine is much more than a simple drink, it is history, work, aging, curiosity, beauty, nature, design, taste and emotion. Moments, lunches or dinners that become happy memories.

They are simple and authentic emotions, like life itself.

Tastings and pairing

You can also enjoy tastings and pairing, with the tasting of wine with food, a perfect union between the best wine and the best food on earth: Iberian ham without going too far, with the intention of enhancing the flavors of both foods.

Pairing is known to be a balance between wine, food, and atmosphere. It is something inseparable, and pairing wine and food is done by association through experience. An explosion of sensations of smells, feelings, emotions, flavors that will make you live and enjoy the good things in life.

What makes the visit to these wineries and this experience special is the fact of taking advantage of the moment surrounded by nature, of the wonderful Sierra Morena, where you can enjoy the virtues of pairing with the tasting of our exquisite wines together with the best cheeses and meats of the area.

In this experience, the perfect combination between the landscape of the mountains and the only Cordovan wines in the area is added, enjoying the environment of barrels, tanks and what is breathed in an authentic traditional winery.

Tasting course

In this winery they are specialists in teaching how to enjoy the flavors and smells of wines, their virtues and their defects. They offer you the possibility of taking a Tasting Course or Masterclass, together with the fun.

Whether you are a beginner or have a medium level, in El Peco you will get an improved technique, all guided by a taster with more than 25 years of experience and a jury of national and foreign competitions They will teach you simple and very practical concepts to advance from day one and share them with your family, friends and partner.

It is not easy to know about wines, but it can be learned in a fun, simple, clear way and always adapted to your level and you will leave the experience with more criteria when choosing a wine to give as a gift or to enjoy.

This is the experience at Bodegas El Peco

At El Peco Bodegas y Viñedos they have a different production model that has allowed them to position themselves as high-quality professionals with proven experience within the world wine sector.

Winemaking and tasting process

They will teach you how the typical wine of the winery is made, and they will introduce you to the entire process from start to finish in each of its links so that you know how it is made.

You will have live and direct access to the master formula, you will understand the work methodology, the times in each of the stages and how they achieve that their products are premium.

Enriching and didactic experience guided at all times, where the relaxing walk with tastings and tastings meets enjoyment and learning.

Route through the vineyards of Sierra Morena

The ecosystem in Sierra Morena makes the enclave where the winery is located a unique and unrepeatable visit.

The north of Córdoba is a place with a lot of potential to discover, where the connection with nature will make the winery and its wines an experience that you cannot miss on your trip to the province.

The vineyards of these lands hide curiosities and secrets that only here can they show you, such as their unspoiled nature and the lost wine-growing tradition of the area.

You have the opportunity to enjoy this ecological vineyard route and a sunset with wine tasting. The emotion of feeling the grape in its natural state before it is transformed into wine turns the experience into a poetic affinity between wine tourism and nature. You can forget about your worries for a moment, put everyday stress aside and enjoy the rural adventure and outdoor activities that they offer you.

Sale of wines

In the winery there is a wine sales area, since theory without practice is like a day without sun. After enjoying the different wine tourism activities you can rest and recover with a glass of one of the wines they offer, on a large terrace with views of the mountain landscape and where you can decide which wine you liked the most to take with you as a souvenir or for a original gift.

On the El Pico Bodegas website you can find the online store, with all its products and prices; in addition to the section (Shall we talk?) to contact for any questions, suggestions or products from the store.

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