Alfar Ceramics School C/Fernán Gómez, 35. 14540, La Rambla

Alfar Escuela is a project promoted by Taller de Cerámica San José. This workshop, located in La Rambla, Cordoba, has been working with clay in an artisanal way for 6 generations, and like many other workshops, they come from the botijo. Cerámica San José is a family business that preserves the potter’s skills on the potter’s wheel and the taste in brush decoration. Today, it has a wide variety of pieces, both practical and decorative.

Alfar Escuela aims to show the potter’s art on the potter’s wheel. To do this, they have educational workshops facilities for both schoolchildren and visitors in general. In this way, Cerámica San José gives you the opportunity to become a potter.

Didactic Workshops and Guided Visit to San José Ceramics Workshop and Alfar Escuela

Currently, Cerámics San José has launched a new initiative aimed at associations, municipalities and groups: “Have fun with clay”. The purpose of this project is mainly to enjoy a unique and original day and learn about the unknown world of ceramics and clay.

In addition to offering these educational workshops focused on the culture and art of clay, Cerámica San José offers you the opportunity to take a guided tour of the workshop. During the tour of its facilities you will enjoy the potter’s art at the potter’s wheel and the skill of the decorators. You will also discover the ceramic manufacturing process, learn about the evolution of ceramics and pottery from Ramble to the present day and many more details.

The best thing is that this experience would not end there. After the guided tour through all the nooks and crannies of the Alfar Escuela Talle, you will be able to participate in three different workshops: Modeling, lathe and decoration.

As well as the visit, the monitors of Alfar Escuela will guide you with indications to make on the work table everything that comes to your mind. They will teach you the different techniques such as hollowing, churros or colombines, irons, decoration, etc … And, of course, everything you do with your hands throughout the workshop you can take it home.

Alfar Escuela offers other activities aimed at different audiences. These are its proposals: 

  • Workshops for educational centers. The Escuela Alfar de Cerámicas San José offers the option of transferring the didactic workshops to the school itself.
  • Children’s parties. Imagine celebrating the birthday of the little one of the house having fun with his friends and playing with clay. Sounds good, doesn’t it?
  • Personalized courses. Through these courses you will be taught a wide variety of ceramic techniques.

Taller San José Ceramics

All the pieces of Cerámics San José are handmade on the potter’s wheel with different types of clays depending on their intended use:

  • Tableware
  • Utility ceramics
  • Decorative ceramics
  • Religious ceramics

The techniques carried out in the Alfar Escuela workshop are traditional techniques based on family tradition.

These techniques are under cover or on cover with their own decorations inspired by the ceramics of Al-Andalus.

They are then finished with glazes, which can be matte, opaque and transparent, and fired at low temperature.

San José Ceramics Online Store

Cerámic San José has started a new stage and launches its online store. With this new adventure, they are looking for their handmade ceramics made as the family tradition dictates and with love and enthusiasm to reach all homes.

Among the items you can find in the online store of Cerámicas San José, are: 

  • Ceramic Lamps, with original handmade designs
  • Handmade Ceramic Decoration Plates
  • Virgin of Carmen Ceramic Censer
  • White and Green Nazarene Censer
  • Ceramic Censer I am a foreman
  • Censer of Ceramic Virgin of El Rocío

If you are interested in buying any of their products, access the online store of Cerámica San José. You can also use the contact form, which you can find on their official website, for any questions or concerns.

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