Cordoba Luxury Experience

Cordoba Luxury Experience are experts in the organization of luxury experiences of cultural, gastronomic, business and enogastronomic tourism in Cordoba and its province.

This agency advocates for a responsible and respectful cultural tourism with the place visited. Its pillars are: sustainable tourism, culture and exclusive experiences. Its precursors are Inma Lázaro and Marcos Conzi, two passionate about culture, who are part of a team of professionals with training and experience in the sector.

Cordoba Luxury Experience is characterized by Slow Tourism: Slow Travel, Slow Food, Slow Life. The agency seeks to unite Tourism, Art and Culture taking advantage of artisans, artists and creatives, putting them in value and making them participants of the Cordoba Sustainable City project.

Tourism experiences and activities in Córdoba

The “Cultural Cordoba all year round” project manages to boost the low season and thus relieve the city during the peak season, achieving a respectful coexistence between the inhabitants of the historic center and tourists.

The experiences offered by Cordoba Luxury Experience are exclusive and can be customized to suit you and your needs.

These experiences last a minimum of 6 to 7 hours, necessary to get to know Cordoba and its traditions from a cultural, historical, gastronomic, etc. point of view. For this, they have a team of expert collaborators, among them, official tour guides, passionate, updated and experienced people; scientists, researchers, historians, archaeologists, chefs and multidisciplinary artists.

The following are the different luxury experiences, divided into sections, offered by Cordoba Luxury Experience to get to know the city, its culture and traditions.

Cultural Courtyards

Get to know the Culture of the Patios and the Festival de los Patios Cordobeses, Intangible Heritage of Humanity since 2013. Discover in a private way and accompanied by the owner of the courtyard, the history, the customs, its flowers… In this experience you will also know monuments, churches, neighborhoods, history and life of the neighbors of the simple and struggling people of Cordoba.

After that experience you can enjoy these workshops and special moments, a unique and original way to learn more about the culture of the city.

  • With Craft Workshops: Córdoba and Earth.
  • With Art, Music and Dance: Los Patios de Córdoba and my first painting. Patios of UNESCO with a lot of art and like at the beach!
  • Córdoba ecoLÓGICA and Veggie: Alchemy in the courtyard.
  • Cordoba of disABILITIES: Cordoba of Unesco for the blind. Córdoba of Silence and Multicolor for the deaf. Cordoba of UNESCO in wheelchairs.
  • Concerts for Patio and Heart: Concert for Patio and Guitar. Concert for Patio and Poetry. Concert for Patio and Piano. Concert for Patio and Jazz & Soul

Córdoba’s Roots

Discover the different and varied Roots that have left their mark on the current city of Cordoba: 

  • Roman Roots and The Magic of Roman Cordoba and the Manor Houses
  • Jewish Roots and Cordoba Sepharad Experience
  • Christian Roots and Christian Cordoba. A city with Angel
  • Muslim Roots and Cordoba Capital of Al Andalus Experience
  • Ibero-American Roots and Experience the Córdoba of Inca Garcilaso
  • Contemporary Roots and The Cordoba of Contemporary Art

Slow Food Cordobés

If you want to know the 5 senses of Cordoba’s Gastronomy, enter into one of the experiences proposed by Luxury Experiences and discover what awaits the Mediterranean Diet recognized as Intangible Heritage of Humanity. These are the proposed experiences: 

  • Culture and Haute Cuisine Pairings: Medina Azahara and Noor Pairings.
  • Experiences with Tastings and Pairings: Ice Cream Tasting and Adventures in Cordoba; Wine Tasting and Pairing with Wines of the DO Montilla Moriles.
  • Experiences with Cooking Classes: La Feria de los Discretos with Salmorejo and Perol Cordobés Workshop.

The Luxury of Loving You

If you are looking to regenerate and spend a day dedicated exclusively to you, listening only to your needs to fill you with energy and light after an incredible experience, Cordoba Luxury Experience has prepared this package for you:

Alone with yourself: Super Self-Esteem “Photo-Therapy”, which includes: cranial massage, haircut, champagne, professional make-up session, photo session, typical tapas in Cordoba, walk through Cordoba and much more.

If you also want to share an experience with someone, your partner, your family or your friends, these are your options and the adventures they include:

  • Córdoba as a Couple: The Córdoba of Love Stories
  • Córdoba as a family: Ice Cream Tasting and Adventures in Córdoba; The Adventures of the Famous Cordobeses of History.
  • Córdoba with Friends: Córdoba Multicolor Experience
  • Only women: Famous Cordovan Women Experience

Magic of Cordoba for 2 days or more

Enjoy the city of Córdoba on a tailor-made trip with your family or group of friends and discover all the corners that this beautiful city has to offer.

Córdoba Luxury Experience will find the option that best suits your needs.

Business and MICE

If you are looking to encourage and enhance the growth of your company’s team, fused with culture, art, creativity and innovation, Cordoba Luxury Experience is your best ally.

La empresa cuenta con los mejores profesionales multidisciplinares que, junto a los espacios mágicos que proponemos (como el Palacio de Congresos del S XVI frente a la Mezquita Catedral) lograrán cumplir tus objetivos y además llevarse un recuerdo inolvidable de Córdoba.

Luxury Experience offers you these options so that you can choose the one that best suits the time you have available and your company:

  • Personalized packs, from 2-3 hours to 3 days.
  • Artistic Coaching for companies.
  • Imaginative training: Motivational Conferences, Emotional Intelligence and Yoga Coaching for Companies.
  • High Impact Motivation: Fire Walking, Board Breaking, Breaking Arrow with the throat, Bending iron bars.
  • Team Building: Art Experience, Flamenco Just for you, Cordobanian Master Chef, Tapas Gourmet Experience, Cordoba 5 Senses, Cultural & Adventure Gymkana, Adventure & Culture, Sunflower Dream, Orange World, Out Door Tuscany in Cordoba (in vino veritas).  Adventure, ancestry, roots, land and creativity surpass everything you can imagine.
  • Experience the Cordoba of the Bullfighters Express + Palace Visit with archaeological remains + Tasting to choose in the Mudejar Hall or Gardens + Guitar.
  • Wine Tasting Montilla Moriles (with certified taster of the DOC) 3 wines.
  • Tasting of Oils (1 defective + 1 virgin + 2 EVOO)
  • Oil and Wine Tasting (2 oils + 2 wines)
  • Experience the Córdoba Extramuros Express (Axerquía, Plaza del Arqueológico, Plaza del Potro, Corredera and S. Pedro) + Patio Cordobés (exclusive private opening) + Flower Tasting + Guitar.
  • Patio Cordobés + Motivational Coaching Session “I can” + working breakfast and creative networking with “collage” + “Master chef” Workshop “Tapeo Típico Cordobés”: I cook it, I eat it.
  • Mens sana in corpore sano experience: Cordoba de la UNESCO Express + artistic coaching where we will combine singing, body expression and creative techniques + palace house + tasting – piano pairing with wines from the DOC Montilla Moriles + healthy Cordovan tapas.
  • Córdoba Mágica Experience: Cordoban manor house + interactive Flamenco workshop + surprise “deep down, we are like children” + blind tasting Córdoba 5 senses + Cordoban language class + selection of innovative Cordoban gastronomy.
  • Sabi@s Cordobeses Emotional Intelligence Experience: Coaching + Seneca + Maimonides + Lubna + Wallada + theater + Roman caves + Roman dramatized lunch.

At the end, the section that includes the experience that will mark your life: 

Get married in Córdoba

Thanks to Luxury Experience you will celebrate your wedding in an unforgettable, unique and original way, in a spectacular city.

You will be able to enjoy in such a special day of the customs of Cordoba and its corners. The agency will take care of everything so that you and your partner only have to enjoy.

Gift Cordoba Luxury Experience

If you are thinking of giving a gift to someone special that you want them to remember for the rest of their life, Cordoba Luxury Experience offers you its Happiness Passport, in which you can give one of the experiences we have mentioned, and if you want, share it with that person! 

Access the official website of Cordoba Luxury Experience to learn more about the Happiness Passport, its conditions and the steps to follow to apply for it. Also, if you have any doubts, questions or want to book one of our experiences, you can do so by filling out the form on their website. 

And, as if the values that Córdoba Luxury Experience demonstrates every day by promoting responsible tourism were not enough, now, to support and contribute their bit to those people and small businesses that since March 2020 are having a hard time, they will donate 5% of the amount of each reservation to Futuro Singular Córdoba.

Faites partie de la famille de Tierras de Córdoba