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The company DxOcio S.L. comprises several business areas that have been developing in its more than 12 years of experience in the sector. Other lines such as performance, education and training have been incorporated to the fields of animation and sports management, facing each new project in a multidisciplinary way.

It is now that they are betting on a line of sustainable tourism, which offers an innovative product around the Vía verde del Aceite.

DxOcio – Sports, cultural and entertainment services

Below are the different areas in which DxOcio works and a brief description of each of them.

Animation & Sports

DxOcio specializes in the area of animation and recreation. They have a wide variety of activities, all of which are self-produced and allow them to offer any proposal with the best quality/price ratio.

Among the services offered by DxOcio, you will find:

  • Children’s entertainment for weddings, communions and birthdays
  • Commercial entertainment
  • Inflatable castles
  • Aquatic inflatables
  • Inflatable sports inflatables
  • Pre-sports / popular / alternative games
  • Toy libraries
  • Magicians and storytellers
  • Clowns/entertainers
  • Parades
  • Roller ball
  • Fun workshops
  • Video games area with tent
  • Jumping boots
  • Pedal cars
  • Trampoline


DxOcio develops the educational field in different spaces, either in educational centers, civic or socio-cultural centers, excursions for schoolchildren, and even camps with linguistic immersion.

In the educational centers, educational projects are designed according to the needs of each center. Among the different plans developed are

  • Behavior normalization program
  • Accompaniment program
  • Sports at School Program
  • Extracurricular activities

In this sense, they reinforce the importance of all the sectors involved in the educational process, for this reason, they also develop actions for the rest of the educational community, for example

  • Didactic workshops for the AMPA
  • Courses for teachers and PAS
  • School for parents
  • Thematic activities for students
  • Center activities such as end-of-year party
  • Conviviality days
  • Cultural weeks

School trips

In terms of excursions for schoolchildren, DxOcio has developed a series of proposals that include nature, culture and sports. Among them:

  • Hiking along the Greenway of the Subbetica, with interpretation of the railway manifestations present.
  • Hiking in the Sierras Subbeticas National Park.
  • Tours in pedal cars or bicycles
  • Circuit of road education
  • Gymkhana and / or game of tracks
  • Cultural visit to Doña Mencia: Castle, ancestral homes, archaeological museum and viewpoints.
  • Cultural visit to Zuheros: Castle, archaeological museum, museum of popular arts and customs, Cave of the Bats and viewpoints and visit to Iberfauna.

Workshops for boys and girls

In DxOcio they know that education does not end at school, therefore, in the civic/sociocultural centers they focus on the benefits of continuing the learning process on a personal, social, emotional and professional level.

Among the actions they propose in this regard are:

  • Lettering workshop
  • Self-esteem workshop
  • Relaxation workshop
  • Language workshops
  • Spanish for immigrants workshop
  • Painting workshop
  • Ballroom dancing workshop
  • Felt workshop
  • Foam and gum rubber workshop.
  • In addition, they are open to any suggestions.

English courses

Finally, within the educational field, DxOcio believes that a fun way to learn English is through language immersion camps:

My english camp. Academia Go and DxOcio merge to create an idyllic environment in the campsite of Benamejí to deepen the language through leisure and sports thanks to native teachers and professional entertainers.

More training with DxOcio

DxOcio has designed an extensive catalog of workshops and training courses aimed at those who have professional interests in the field of socio-cultural and/or sports animation.

Among the courses developed, are: Course of Strategies for environmental education; Course of socio-cultural animation; Course of elaboration of didactic materials through recycling; Courses of specialization and sports improvement; Course of elaboration of puppets with foam rubber; Workshop of techniques with Goma -Eva; Workshop of scrapbooking; Workshop of painting.

Subbetica Cycling and Active Tourism Center

From DxOcio they offer you the contact of the Centro Cicloturista Subbética, a space located in Doña Mencía, in the province of Córdoba and designed for the attention of hikers, cyclists, runners, caravaners and tourists in general.

The Centro Cicloturista Subbética offers the following services: Rental of bicycles of all types and for all ages; Rental of pedal cars; Cycle touring route of your choice; Adventure with track search game; Caravan area.

Access the official website of DxOcio to see the image gallery of all the activities, courses, projects that have been carried out. From this website, there is a direct access to the website of Centro Cicloturista Córdoba, where you can read more about all the activities they propose and much more.

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