Enrutados Tourist Guides and Cultural Management is a company dedicated to guided tours of the heritage of Montoro. It was born with the aim of promoting leisure and culture in our society. With our guides with a degree in Art History, we carry out visits to the monuments that Montoro treasures, gastronomic experiences (oil and honey tasting), craft workshops and trekking in the Cardeña-Montoro Natural Park.

We cover the visitor with unique and individualised cultural experiences. From cultural management we develop leisure and free time projects, cultural consultancy for companies and public or private institutions and event organisation.

Enrutados Córdoba – Tourist activities and guided tours

Enrutados is a young company based in the province of Cordoba, with the main objective of promoting leisure and culture in society. They work in two areas in particular: Cordoba and Montoro.

Cordoba is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, of Roman origin, which became the capital of the world with the Arabs. It stands out for its orange blossom aroma, its squares, its gastronomy, its patios and façades, its monuments and its amazing Mosque-Cathedral.

Montoro also has one of the most valuable heritage sites in the province of Cordoba. A town full of white houses, squares with Andalusian airs and scents and tourist areas that have placed it on several occasions among the favourite towns and villages for “The Most Beautiful Villages of Spain”. Montoro offers a wide variety of activities in the natural environment, as it has the Cardeña-Montoro Natural Park, a privileged place with animals such as the Iberian lynx and the imperial eagle.

Enrutados Córdoba creates leisure and free time projects, cultural consultancy for companies and public or private institutions, event organisation, and visitor coverage with unique and individualised cultural experiences.  

Enturados Córdoba Services

The services offered by the company are:

  • New Technologies: they have professionals in design, computer science and experts in audiovisual media to apply the latest technological innovations to enable their understanding by the general public.
  • Courses and Workshops: they offer a variety of courses and workshops taught by teachers with extensive professional experience. Craft workshops, thematic and specific courses, sports courses, all have access for people with disabilities, adapting the course to their needs.
  • Educational programmes: they also prepare educational programmes for all audiences of different ages and for cultural institutions, museums, schools, colleges, institutes, etc.
  • Events: they offer a wide range of services, such as routes and visits, entertainment, outdoor cultural activities and gastronomy.
  • Entertainment: activities focused on entertainment for children with our characterised characters, storytelling, games, face painting, balloon twisting, etc.
  • Consultancy and projects: they work in the field of cultural and environmental consultancy. They create projects for public administrations and private companies. They work with dissemination for public and private cultural entities, management of social networks, cultural and environmental technical reports, etc.
  • Routes and visits: they offer visits to historical and artistic heritage through cultural routes and itineraries. Group or individualised visits.
  • School activities: programmes that can be carried out both inside and outside the classroom, such as dramatised routes, visits to monuments, cultural gymkhanas, educational concerts, theatrical performances, educational shows, etc.
  • Audiovisuals: they create projects for cultural spaces, tourist projects, corporate projects and documentaries using audiovisual media as a didactic tool to disseminate culture with an easy, clear and direct language.

On the Enrutados website you can contact the company to find out more about them, ask any questions and suggestions or enquire about the services they offer.

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