Hacienda Secadero Viejo

C/Callejón de los Molinos, 1. 14840, Castro del Río

Hacienda Secadero Viejo is a rural accommodation fully equipped to stay at any time of the year. It also has a versatile space, designed to host any type of event or celebration, both outdoors in its gardens and indoors in its lounge. An ideal place to enjoy your best moments.

Hacienda Secadero Viejo – Rural accommodation in Castro del Río

The Hacienda Secadero Viejo is located on the banks of the Guadajoz River as it passes through Castro del Río, in the province of Córdoba, surrounded by the olive groves of the Subbética Cordobesa area.

This Hacienda has a history that dates back to 1965, when a local couple decided to build their own tobacco drying shed, as Castro del Río was one of the areas where the tobacco plant was most cultivated.

During your stay at the Hacienda you can both relax and immerse yourself in nature, as well as take advantage of the active and cultural tourism that Castro del Río has to offer, for example, horse riding, hiking, cycling and monumental routes, archaeology and much more.

Rooms and spaces of the Hacienda

It includes 5 equipped rooms and 3 bathrooms. In total, it has 17 beds and a capacity of up to 20 people.

In addition, the Hacienda Secadero Viejo has spectacular corners such as “Los Jardines del Secadero”, “La Casa de las Labores” and “El Viejo Salón de las Gavillas”.

The “Casa de las labores” was the old main house of the Hacienda, which has now been converted into a fantastic rural accommodation for full rental that is fully equipped for a magnificent stay.

Secadero Viejo common areas

The house has different shared spaces designed for the coexistence and enjoyment of the guests: gardens, swimming pool, solarium, chill out, barbecue, living room with fireplace, fully equipped kitchen with fireplace, multipurpose room, wine cellar… If you stay at Secadero Viejo, you can enjoy a free tour of the village with the local guide.

Weddings and other events

The Hacienda Secadero Viejo is the perfect place to organise events outdoors or indoors, surrounded by a rural environment.

Imagine celebrating your wedding in one of the Hacienda’s gardens, in a dreamy open-air setting with hundred-year-old trees, enjoying a cocktail by the pool, and accompanying your lunch with the sound of the water flowing from the fountains and the stream.

At Hacienda Secadero Viejo they provide you with all the services, catering, infrastructure, resources and human resources necessary to achieve your dream wedding. The wedding planner will be in charge of advising and designing every detail to make your wedding a success.

As well as organising your wedding, at Secadero Viejo you can also celebrate baptisms, communions, golden weddings, anniversaries or your civil wedding. They will take care of creating a perfect space for you to enjoy.

The Hacienda is also the perfect place to organise business meetings or other types of private events, such as product presentations, as the rooms are equipped with audiovisual technology.

A rural house in the centre of Andalusia

The location of Secadero Viejo is also excellent, as it is situated between Cordoba and Granada, close to Malaga and Seville, which makes it a perfect place to stay and do some sightseeing in Andalusia.

The cultural richness of Castro del Río is the result of the traces left by the different civilisations that have passed through it, including Iberians, Romans, Arabs and Christians, making the town a special place in which to discover its history, its churches, castle and wall, the Roman remains of the Carchena silos, the Iberians of Torreparedones and many more.

If you are interested in staying or organising an event of any kind at Hacienda Secadero Viejo, do not hesitate to consult the official website and make a reservation.

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