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Ibérico de Bellota S.A. (IBESA) is one of the founding companies of the Los Pedroches Designation of Origin.

It is located in Villanueva de Córdoba, a municipality in the province of Córdoba. It originated in the industry in 1988, when they noticed that competition in the market was very high and that the big brands and designations of origin were above them.

More about Ibérico de Bellota SA (IBESA)

The founders of IBESA had to prove that they had the largest dehesa in the world, something unknown at the time. That is why they decided to create the Los Pedroches Designation of Origin, setting very strict requirements for rearing and fattening in the open range, as well as a global brand that could be known in the market. And they succeeded.

In the world we live in, it is important to know the origin of the products we buy, and even more so if these products are foodstuffs.

The information provided to the consumer is indispensable for him to get an idea of what he has in front of him before deciding whether to buy it or not.

For this reason, a product marked by a European Union Protected Designation of Origin, such as the Los Pedroches PDO, is an additional guarantee for the product and the brand, which confers certification of origin and quality.

Purebred Iberian pig farmers in Los Pedroches

The staff working for Ibérico de Bellota S.A. are farmers who manage to keep intact the tradition inherited from their ancestors in the rearing of pure Iberian pigs, so as never to lose the brand and the tradition.

People with concerns, able to see a little beyond Los Pedroches, beyond the breeding and fattening of pigs. Able to see a way of life in which to create products and a brand to market IBESA.

The hand and knowledge of a good professional, together with the microclimate of the Valle de los Pedroches, an area of great beauty that alternates the presence of plains and cultivated fields, allows us to offer hams and shoulders of unequalled flavour and recognised prestige at world level.

The dehesa is the beginning of a long process that lasts up to six years and it is essential to have the best breeders in order to obtain the best raw material from which to obtain authentic pata negra products.

We present some of the farmers who are part of the IBESA staff and who make the quality of the products possible:

  • Miguel Cañuelo Rojas, current president of IBESA.
  • Pedro Cañuelo Rojas: veterinarian, recognised in the sector and one of the key people in the homogenisation of the breed.
  • Pedro Blanco López: founding partner of IBESA, a person with dedication and professionalism, he produces purebred acorn-fed pigs for the most exquisite palates.
  • Juan Castro Díaz: more than 70 years as a livestock farmer in the region of Los Pedroches, the countryside of the dehesa is his favourite place and his greatest passion. He was awarded the prize of Emblematic Livestock Farmer of the Comarca de Los Pedroches and has been a member of the Board of Directors of the company Ibérico de bellota SA (IBESA) from 2004 to 2018. His key is to maintain quality, rather than yield or profitability.
  • Miguel Ángel Blanco, founding partner of IBESA and president from 2009 to 2018. Dr. Agricultural Engineer from the University of Cordoba and Professor of Plant Pathology. His role is relevant in the company, at the level of handling, genetic improvement and management, fundamental to achieve the best quality.

Buy Iberian products online at Ibesa

Some of its outstanding products are: hams, shoulders, “cañas” and sausages, packs and sliced products and Montanera selection.

IBESA combines tradition and innovation. The products are made with the affection of their ancestors without neglecting new technologies. It is important to note that they create their own energy, so respect for the environment is a priority.

On the Ibesa website you can access directly to the online shop, where you will find all the products, offers, discounts, etc. You can also contact us for any questions or suggestions in the “contact” section.

Faites partie de la famille de Tierras de Córdoba