Incentifor Avda. Ronda de los Tejares, 21. 14001, Córdoba Capital

Incentifor is a quality service company made up of a specialised team ready to bring your events to life. They manage the organisation, planning and coordination. The events can be of any nature, whether social, cultural or commercial. From the professionalism and experience, Incentifor will manage to design your event according to your preferences quickly and efficiently, reaching your objectives and expectations. 

 In addition, Incentifor offers quality training adapted and personalised to meet any challenge. 

Organisation of congresses, conferences and trade fairs in Córdoba

Incentifor will take care of everything for you, ensuring maximum peace of mind. You will receive personalised advice to achieve a perfect finish. They organise professional events from a workshop, a workshop, a day or a congress.

There is also the possibility of providing advice to technical teams to ensure full coordination throughout the project.

Design & Organisation

  • Technical secretariat
  • Coordination of speakers, participants and attendees.
  • Coordination of media, press area and communication dossiers.
  • Transfers, accommodation, per diems and attention at all times.
  • Accreditation service.
  • Congress management in our office, attending, telephone, e-mail, etc.
  • Reception and processing of registrations.
  • Integral coordination of the programme.
  • Invoice production and control.
  • Coordination of external suppliers.
  • Preparation of the participants’ database.
  • Production of attendance certificates.
  • Design and production of badges.
  • Moving the Secretariat to the venue during the congress.


  • Assistance team
  • Workers insured in accordance with legal regulations
  • Staff with a high cultural level and language skills


  • Collection of registration fees
  • Processing of payments
  • Timely and detailed information on the state of the accounts
  • Preparation of the final congress report and balance sheet
  • Exhibitions at trade fairs
  • Space allocation
  • Assembly and dismantling of stands
  • Preparation of exhibitor’s manual and contracts
  • Coordination of the fair on site

Events & Cultural Management

Incentifor’s objective is to provide the public with quality projects through their proper planning. A company specialised in advising, planning, organising, developing and executing from the first service to the last, throughout events or other types of social, cultural, tourist and business activities.

Incentifor is characterised by innovation when it comes to disseminating culture, from the most traditional ways, such as setting up exhibitions, to the most modern, such as video game competitions and gamification.

Incentifor’s cultural activities services

Among the services related to cultural activities, Incentifor offers the following:

  • Organisation, coordination and management of projects.
  • Mediation, dynamisation and cultural dissemination.
  • Organisation of plastic, scenic and audiovisual arts workshops, etc.
  • Guided tours and experiences.
  • Video game events.
  • Accommodation, room management.
  • Management of complementary control services.
  • Family and children’s programmes.
  • Management and analysis of attendance flow.
  • Box office and ticketing management.

Specialised staff Incentifor

The Incentifor team is made up of staff specialised in the tourism sector, tourism, visitor services and room assistants. Staff trained and accredited with degrees in Tourism, Pedagogy, Cultural Management, History, Art, Teaching and others related to the field of culture and education.

They are also trained to provide external services to cultural, social and educational centres and organisations, and other essential services such as information points, libraries, shops, ticket offices, cloakrooms, etc.

Exhibitions and shows

Through Incentifor’s culture area, the company actively collaborates with the promotion of knowledge, the valuation and conservation of cultural heritage and the development of artistic creation, intercultural and social dialogue. 

To this end, Incentifor concentrates on the design, coordination and development of activities, projects or exhibitions linked to the field of art and culture. 

Get trained at Incentifor

As we have mentioned before, Incentifor, besides offering all these services, also contributes to the training in professional competences, essential for employers and workers, as it includes competitiveness, innovation, recycling and projection, generating new goals and incentives. 

Incentifor works on each training need in a personalised way, always looking for the best solution for your client. They offer from standard educational contents to tailor-made contents, designed according to the motivation, interests and previous knowledge of the person who is going to receive them. The training can be subsidised through the State Foundation for Employment or the facilities offered by the administration, or on the contrary, private training. 

If you are interested in a free study of your training needs or those of your company, Incentifor is waiting for you with open arms and without any kind of commitment.

The form of learning that Incentifor advocates is active, distance or e-learning and just-in-time.

This means that it tries to abandon traditional learning, characterised by being passive and taking place in a specific space and at a specific time. Incentifor achieves this through the use of technology, which allows the student to receive continuously growing information, interacting through the virtual campus anywhere and at any time.

Similarly, Incentifor offers other options: classroom training, directly in your company, or the Blended modality, which combines the benefits of the classroom and distance modality.

If you are interested in receiving some kind of training from Incentifor, we recommend you to consult their official website to learn more about the subsidised training through the State Foundation for Employment, the tax benefits you would benefit from, and the steps to follow to start working with Incentifor.

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