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El Cañuelo Equestrian Centre is an equestrian school that was founded in 2005 and has highly qualified staff. It is located in the Vega del Guadalquivir, just 3.5 kilometres from Cordoba. It is immersed in a place full of nature, in the middle of the countryside, an idyllic place for horse lovers, where culture, tradition and passion come together to relive the art of Andalusia. 

Instructors and Students of the Centre


The team at the Equestrian Centre is made up of professional instructors who have been involved in the world of horses from an early age.

They are trained as sports technicians and are national riders in different equestrian events.

The teachers will guide you and help you to achieve a good level of strength, flexibility, endurance, speed, coordination and balance to do a progressive and correct technical work with the horse.

Here we introduce you to the Instructors of El Cañuelo Equestrian Centre: 

  • Inmaculada Estévez Pérez, director of the centre since 2003 and competitor since 1992 in different disciplines.
  • Rafael Castaño García, Sports Technician. Qualified for 4 consecutive years for the Spanish Dressage Championships, accumulating a high record in this discipline. He is a prize-winning rider in the Alta Escuela Española.


El Cañuelo’s pupils range from the very youngest ages, with children from 4 years old to seniors.

In addition, students at the centre will be able to compete in different disciplines without the need to own a horse.

Guided by the instructors, the student will develop important qualities such as discipline, perseverance and patience.

What does El Cañuelo Equestrian Centre offer?

The aim of this Equestrian Centre is not only for students to learn how to ride a horse, but also for them to feel and get to know this noble animal, always educating them with respect for nature. This would not be possible without a highly qualified staff and facilities properly designed for the horse. The Centre also offers training courses, veterinary services, shoeing, boarding and much more: 

  • Classes in equestrian disciplines. The equestrian disciplines offered are: Dressage, Doma vaquera, Alta escuela, Reining.
  • Competitions. You can participate in different competitions throughout the year.
  • Equestrian camps. Available during all school holidays, Christmas, Easter and Summer. The aim is that students can enjoy the environment, and carry out entertainment and learning programmes, encouraging learning by discovery. If you are interested, check timetables, prices and conditions on the centre’s website.
  • Farm School and nursery for children from 0 to 3 years old.
  • Hippotherapy. Complementary therapeutic treatment to work on rehabilitation by staff specialised in equestrian therapies for people with intellectual disabilities. Consult the centre’s website to find out more about it.
  • Other services: Transport of animals; Horses for covering; Dressage of horses; Riding the horse; Harnessing; Excursions for children and adults.

If one day you feel like spending a day surrounded by nature and the best company, at the Centre you can enjoy a wide variety of activities, for the little ones of the house and for the not so little ones. For example: horse riding, horse-drawn carriage rides, hiking, gymkhanas or just relaxing.

El Cañuelo facilities

In the more than 14,000 m2 of the equestrian centre are the different infrastructures that comprise it: Equestrian Centre, Farm School and a farmhouse made up of different rooms where you can celebrate any event.

These are the facilities you can find in the El Cañuelo centre: 

  • 3 outdoor courts with lighting
  • Indoor arena
  • Riding arena
  • Round
  • Paddocks
  • Boxes
  • Equine showers
  • Saddlery for saddle horses and harness horses
  • Paddock for resting
  • Farm
  • Rooms for celebrations
  • Toilets
  • Parking

They also have an equestrian shop, where you can buy both handmade products and the most innovative items. 

Tourist offer of the El Cañuelo Equestrian Centre

Horse-drawn carriage ride through Cordoba

Discover what it’s like to ride through the city of Cordoba, in an original and unique way, a relaxed way in which you will only have to enjoy yourself: in a horse-drawn carriage.

You will get to know Cordoba from a different perspective, they will show you the most beautiful corners of the city and, what’s more, at enviable prices.

Horse riding routes

Enjoy the contact with nature with a horseback ride through the countryside of Cordoba, next to the Vega del Guadalquivir.

You also have the option of night riding: both options will become unforgettable experiences.

Activities and events in El Cañuelo

  • Visit to The School
  • Workshops. For children between the ages of 3 and 18, classified and adapted according to school stages. These are the workshops you can do at the centre: Horse riding; Crafts; Recycling; Adventure – Tyrolean traverse, climbing wall; Traditional games; Orientation in nature.
  • Paintball
  • Celebrations. You can celebrate any type of event at El Cañuelo, from your birthday, your communion, baptisms, business lunches, stag/hen parties, a party, family reunions, friends or the traditional “perol cordobés”.

You can complement your event with equestrian shows, while you enjoy the typical gastronomy of Cordoba.

Contact El Cañuelo Equestrian Centre to find out more about their services, to ask for more information and to receive personalised attention.

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