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Online incoming agency specialising in the design and creation of tailor-made itineraries and experiences throughout Spain, but especially in the province of Cordoba and Andalusia in particular.

Just Explore – Travel Agency in Córdoba

Just Explore is a local travel agency that designs exclusive and luxury trips in Spain to make your dream holiday a reality. They are committed to the wellbeing of the local community and the natural environment, which is why they work exclusively with companies that also believe in a respectful tourism industry.

Desde la agencia proponen organizar nuestro viaje perfecto con un itinerario planificado, reservar entradas de museo, los mejores restaurantes, comprar billetes de tren, escoger el hotel con más encanto…

Just Explore is the best option to take care of all these time-consuming preparations, even the smallest details, and create a unique, tailor-made experience in Spain.

All you have to do is relax and enjoy. Based on your tastes and preferences they will design the luxury tour you are looking for.

Just Explore will be available 24 hours a day throughout your trip. Plus, if you download the agency’s app on your mobile phone, you can chat with them whenever you need to, receive alerts, easily check your itinerary, download tickets and city maps.

At Just Explore Tours & Holidays they design exclusive activities and experiences focused on getting to know Spanish culture better, with authentic and interesting people, providing the most memorable private tours for you to savour this country like never before.

As Just Explore advocates: exclusivity is not only about staying in magnificent hotels and eating in excellent restaurants, but also about living unique experiences that will remain in your memory forever.

If you’re an art and history buff, you’ll be amazed by some of the best museums and historic sites in the world. If you’re passionate about the world of gastronomy, you’ll love the carefully selected restaurants, wine tastings and cooking workshops (without having to wait in line). For nature lovers, there are activities in magnificent settings where you can escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

How to plan your perfect holiday in Spain with Just Explore?

To organise your dream holiday in Spain, just follow these steps:

Contact Just Explore by email

Tell them about your dream trip by filling in the application form, which you can find on their official website, and they will get started with an initial proposal.

Comments and adjustments

Once they have reviewed their initial proposal, they will want to hear more from you and talk on the phone to make any changes or adjustments.

Booking your trip

When you are fully satisfied with the final planning and are ready to proceed with the booking, you will be asked for a deposit to start confirming your travel arrangements.

At this point, your journey would have already begun!

Guided tours

With Just Explore you can organise a trip for you and your friends or family. It is recommended that the maximum number of people is 12, in order to guarantee a personal experience and human connection, and to discover some of the most wonderful and lesser-known corners of Andalusia.

On the official website you can consult the guided tours in the south of Spain and choose the one that best suits you and your travel companions: 

  • Cultural Tour: visit Andalusia and discover the Alhambra Palace in Granada, the Mosque of Cordoba and the Cathedral of Seville.
  • Gastronomic Tour: taste the Andalusian cuisine through tastings of local delicacies such as Iberian Ham, Red Tuna, handmade goat cheese… 
  • Orchard Tour: visit the best selection of Moorish, Renaissance and tropical gardens, with exclusive access to beautiful courtyards and gardens in private manor houses.
  • Wine Tour: learn more about wine and the gastronomy of Southern Spain.
  • Culinary and Wellness Tour: a 6-night wellness programme offering accommodation and a mix of experiences including yoga sessions, hiking trails, culinary activities and relaxation under the Spanish sun.

Examples of Just Explore itineraries

Throughout this section, Just Explore offers you some examples of itineraries for different types of customised trips that they have organised for previous travellers. 

  • “Best of Spain”: discover the country’s most important cities to discover its history and multi-ethnic heritage.
  • “The best of Spain and Portugal”: visit Just Explore’s favourite places on the Iberian Peninsula, discovering the similarities and differences between two neighbouring countries.
  • “Spain for honeymooners”: the ideal destination to celebrate this special event.
  • “Iberian Ham Route”: discover the secrets of this internationally famous delicacy, explore and experience the gastronomic, cultural and historical richness of our country.
  • “A family adventure through Spain”: enjoy an ideal destination for families.
  • “Andalusia driving tour”: explore the wonderful landscapes of Andalusia and the incredible Pueblos Blancos (White Villages).
  • “Gastronomic and wellness trip through Andalusia”: recharge your batteries with a trip dedicated to mental and physical health.
  • “Game of Thrones filming locations”: get to know the country and discover the filming locations of the Game of Thrones series.
  • “France and Northern Spain”: a trip along the Atlantic coast to discover the Bordeaux region and Northern Spain.  


Just Explore’s travel destinations include Spain, Portugal and France.

Just Explore Tourist Experiences

The experiences offered by Just Explore:


This is the selection of unique experiences to enjoy the true flavour of Spain:

  • Tapas Tour
  • Cooking classes
  • Tastings and workshops
  • Iberian ham


The wine experiences can be customised according to your needs and level of interest. These are the agency’s proposals: Andalusian wines from grape to glass:

  • Andalusian wines: from the grape to the glass
  • La Rioja: castles, palaces and wines
  • Catalan wines, the beautiful coast and the magical interior

Gardens and courtyards

Due to location, climate and history, gardens vary from region to region.

In this experience you will see the famous mosaics of Parc Güell in Barcelona, the gardens of famous artists such as Gaudí, Silva, Rodríguez-Acosta and Bastida.

In Madrid, the Retiro Park or the Botanical Gardens.

In Andalusia, the Generalife Gardens in the Alhambra Palace, the Alcázar of Seville or the charming courtyards and orchards of Hispano-Muslim tradition in beautiful Cordoba.

Folklore and Traditions

It is essential to know Spain’s festive and folkloric heritage.

With this experience you will discover from the Easter processions in Andalusia to the fiery Fallas in Valencia, as well as the thousands of local festivals celebrated throughout the year.

You will also learn about bullfighting and flamenco, both traditions and symbols of Spanish culture.

Andalusian horses

Visit the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art in Jerez, where you will enjoy the show “How the Andalusian horses dance”.

And Las Caballerizas Reales de Córdoba, where the show “La pasión y el duende del caballo andaluz” will take place.

Active and outdoor tourism

These are the activities on offer to enjoy nature and adventure in Spain and its natural landscapes:

  • Hiking
  • Cycling in mountain villages, in the countryside and on the coast
  • Horse riding
  • Sailing
  • Water sports
  • Hot air balloon rides

Photography and painting

Excursions to explore your creativity and develop your skills in the world of photography.

Workshops led by geographic experts and tourist guides. 


Enjoy the ornithological richness of Spain, thanks to its variety in terms of climate and landscape and its geographical location.

With almost 700 species of birds, including kites, vultures, eagles, storks, flamingos and great bustards.

Weddings and other special events

Just Explore are happy to organise any type of celebration to fulfil your dreams, including your wedding. 

If you want to celebrate your destination wedding in a different and unique way, in an intimate, stylish location, in a sunny and warm climate, surrounded by your loved ones, Just Explore can organise it for you.

In the South of Spain you will find the city of Ronda, a romantic and picturesque place, ideal to celebrate such an important date. Just Explore has a reliable and experienced team that will plan your wedding to offer you complete peace of mind on this special day and always with the aim of fulfilling your dreams and expectations. 

All this and more is what Just Explore offers to those travellers who want to enjoy Spain in a unique and exclusive way. Visit the agency’s official website to find out more about them, ask questions, check itineraries, get a quote, etc. Here you can read reviews from people who have travelled in Spain with Just Explore and read more about all the services they offer.

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