Sierra Montoro Honey

Sierra Montoro Honey, formerly known as Apícola de Montoro, produces an exquisite honey from the Sierra Cardeña-Montoro Natural Park. Among the professionals in charge of bringing this delicacy to our table is Lorenzo Ruiz, the beekeeper who is responsible for caring for and pampering the bees with love and effort, in order to achieve the highest quality product possible.

The beehives of Miel Sierra Montoro are located in the heart of the Sierra Morena Park, where the bees pollinate the flowers of this natural habitat. It is inside these hives, in their perfectly constructed honeycombs, where the bees work to provide such exquisite and natural food as honey.

Sierra Montoro Honey – 100% Natural Honey

Sierra Montoro Honey has been recognised with numerous prizes and awards from the Sierra de Cardeña y Montoro Natural Park, including: Sustainable Development Award; Quality Award, Presentation, Iberian Lynx and the Natural Park Brand of the Andalusian Regional Government. 

Sierra Montoro Honey recommends that as its honey is a 100% natural product, it can crystallise with the cold and with the passage of time. But that is not a problem. To return the honey to its natural state of fluidity, all you have to do is heat it gently in a bain-marie for a few minutes.

Buy honey online

These are the products you can find in the Sierra Montoro Honey web shop and their benefits. 

  • Orange blossom honey. Relaxing, fights insomnia, antispasmodic and soothing.
  • Eucalyptus honey. For bronchial and lung ailments, whooping cough, flu, asthma, improves intellectual performance, strengthens the nerves.
  • Sierra honey. Substitutes sugar, enhances digestive functions, increases energy.
  • Rosemary honey. Protects the liver, fights acidity, stimulates circulation, for general weakness and stomach ulcer.
  • Orange blossom honey with dried fruits. Franciscan recipe from 1770 containing orange blossom honey and its benefits with dried fruits (pine nuts, walnuts and almonds).
  • Lavender Honey. For bronchial and lung ailments, whooping cough, flu, asthma, improves intellectual performance, strengthens the nerves.
  • Honey of Matalauva (Aniseed). Digestive and prevents flatulence. Ideal for hair, pregnant women, nails and gas.
  • Cilantro honey. Good for the digestive system, antispasmodic, depurative, good for mental performance, reduces gas and against inappetence.
  • Holm Oak Honey (available in August). Astringent, stimulant, digestive properties, promotes sleep, improves hepatic insufficiencies and for physical and mental exhaustion.

All the products on the website are priced at 5,00 €, except the Orange Blossom Honey with Nuts which is priced at 7,50 €.

On the Sierra Montoro Honey website, they offer three exquisite recipes using honey from the Sierra de Montoro: Honey and mustard sauce, ideal as an accompaniment and dip; Honey and orange glazed ham, a perfect recipe for Christmas; and Crunchy honey and spice biscuits.

Check the website of Sierra Morena Honey to access their online shop, you can also enter their facebook profile to see images and videos of their products.

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