Pérez Barquero Winery

The Pérez Barquero Winery is located in Montilla, a municipality in the southern Andalusian countryside of the province of Cordoba. Formed by a family of winegrowers, producers and breeders of the well-known wine Denomination of Origin Montilla-Moriles (Córdoba). Montilla is one of the oldest, most genuine and, paradoxically, unknown wine-growing areas in Spain.

Its specialty is in the vineyard and also between jars and barrels, in the silence of its traditional cellars. Professionalism and respect for the vineyard are their strong points. An expert enology and an innovative vocation, achieving young, generous wines and brandies of Pérez Barquero.

History of Bodegas Pérez Barquero

The winery has its origins in 1905. A history of authenticity, commitment, professionalism and pleasure in their work:

  • 1905: Three brothers from northern Spain, José, Julián and Emilio Pérez Barquero, founded the winery. The oldest solera of the estate was founded that year.
  • 1955: The mythical 1955 solera commemorates the winery’s fiftieth anniversary.
  • 1985: Three families with a long winemaking history in Montilla-Moriles, Córdoba, Ruz and Gracia, take over the Pérez Barquero legacy, promoting the brand at all levels.
  • 80s-90s: The export orientation is intensified. It is now present in 51 countries.
  • 2016: The 1905 Solera Fundacional Amontillado 1905 gets 100 Parker points.

Bodega de Montilla, an ideal environment for winemaking

Montilla is a key location for vine cultivation, with its rolling hills and warm, dry climate with more than three thousand hours of sunshine a year. The vines take root in a chalky, permeable and unproductive soil that helps the grapes to ripen over a long and balanced period of time.

The Pedro Ximénez grape, a delicate and fresh grape, blends perfectly with the landscape. It is a heat-friendly grape, rich in sugars, which offers fine dry wines of 15 degrees of natural alcohol and sweet wines of harmonious depth.

There is also room for other minority varieties known as ‘vidueños’, which are the protagonists in the production of some young wines: airén, torrontés, moscatel and baladí-verdejo.

The fermentation of the wine of the year ends with the traditional cement jars, being bottled as a young white wine or goes into oak casks to become a fortified wine. Its qualities and the experience of the winery’s experts decide.

In the aging process, a layer of yeast forms on the surface of the wines. It is a natural process known as “biological aging”, and it is called “velo de flor”, which gives finos and amontillados a genuine style and character. The other types of wines, such as fortified and sweet wines, brandies and vinegars are made using the traditional system of criaderas and solera, a great contribution of Andalusian winemaking to the world’s wine culture.

The wines of Bodegas Pérez Barquero

Bodega Pérez Barquero has a large collection of wines, with different tastes and pleasures for every moment:

  • Young whites: Viña Amalia, Finca la Cañada, Fresquito.
  • Fino: Gran Barquero, Gran Barquero Fino en Rama, Los Amigos, Solera 13.
  • Amontillado: Gran Barquero, 1955 Amontillado, 1905 Amontillado.
  • Palo Cortado: Gran Barquero, 1955 Palo Cortado.
  • Oloroso: Gran Barquero, 1955 Oloroso, 1905 Oloroso.
  • PX Sweets: Gran Barquero, 1955 Pedro Ximénez, 1905 Pedro Ximénez, La Cañada Pedro Ximénez, Pedro Ximénez de Cosecha, Los Amigos. 
  • Others: Corazón Latino, Casa Villa-Zevallos Tinto Roble, Old Porter.

Apart from wines, the winery has other products, such as Brandy and other spirits. From boldness to perfection thanks to the selection of holandas and careful aging:

  • Brandy: Monte Cristo, Monte Cristo Gran Reserva, Monte Cristo 50 years, Monte Cristo 100 years, Brigadier Reserva VSOP, Napoleón Reserva Especial VSOP.
  • Rum: Monte Cristo Gran Añejo 12 Años, Monte Cristo Añejo Superior, Barquero Blanco, Barquero Oscuro.
  • Other distillates: Licor Calañés, Licor Pebar.

The winery’s passion for gastronomy expands and takes shape through exclusive vinegars with all the personality of Montilla-Moriles, such as the Gran Reserva Solera Vinegar and the Gran Reserva Pedro Ximénez Vinegar.

Another outstanding product is the Vermouth. From the vineyard and the wine presses to the vinification and aging, with a permanent demand highlighting the quality of Vermouth Barquero, with a unique character of the Montilla grape, a generous aroma for a different vermouth.

Wine tourism experiences

The Pérez Barquero Winery gives you the opportunity to discover the soul of Montilla-Moriles with wine tourism with flavor: a complete program of visits and tastings for all types of groups in which you can discover and share the passion for the traditional wines of Pérez Barquero.

It consists of a guided visit by the specialized personnel of the winery, where you can tour the facilities and learn about the process of elaboration, aging and aging of the different types of wines as well as its millenary culture.

This will be followed by a tasting in the Sacristy or Wine Tasting Room.

There are three types of visits:

  1. The standard visit with tasting of 5 wines (Joven “Viñaverde”, Fino, Amontillado, Oloroso and Pedro Ximénez “Gran Barquero”).
  2. Visit with tasting of 5 wines paired with 5 cheeses.
  3. Visit with tasting of 3 sweet wines (P. Cosecha, P.X. Gran Barquero with more than 6 years of aging in barrels and P.X. La Cañada with more than 25 years of barrel aging).

All accompanied by 3 types of chocolates.

There are other special proposals such as hot air balloon rides and equestrian shows. The winery opens its space within the Patio de Bodega initiative every May.

It is a special place for meetings between family, friends, professionals or large organized events. The winery offers you ample possibilities of organization so that the environment is unique and unforgettable, where you can enjoy the courtyards and cellars.

The work of more than a century of history is continued today by the new generations, ensuring that all the best survives throughout time. In the present, Pérez Barquero wines continue to stand out, endorsed with awards in all national and international competitions and with the highest Parker scores.

Book your visit and find out everything you need on the Bodegas Pérez Barquero website, which has a space for contacting and booking.

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