Plata Con Alma Ctra. de las Ermitas, 37. 14012 Córdoba Capital

Plata con Alma is the brand of Ana Martina, an entrepreneurial and artisan woman who makes her designs in 925 Sterling Silver. Faithful to her roots, continuing the family tradition of creating unique jewellery, jewellery with soul, in a sustainable and artisanal way.

Plata Con Alma – Ana Martina’s handmade jewellery shop in Cordoba

Silversmithing has always been part of Ana’s life. Since she was a child she used to watch her grandfather and her father in their workshop and for her it was a game to design pieces. Now, it is Ana who, in her workshop in the Jewish quarter of Cordoba, designs exclusive pieces in Sterling Silver 925.

Her jewellery is enhanced with precious, semi-precious and natural stones, the product of her creativity and ethical design.

According to Ana Martina, the style of Plata con Alma’s silver jewellery is contemporary with nuances reminiscent of the old and delicate Cordovan jewellery. Through her jewellery, the designer of Plata con Alma seeks to express her need for artistic expression, recovering, in a modern, courageous, flattering way and with an exclusive identity, the antique silverware of Cordoba.

Ana Martina shows its sustainable commitment to the environment by taking care of both the materials and the presentation of its jewellery, making all its pieces in an environmentally friendly way.

As it could not be otherwise, the packaging of each article of Plata con Alma is also made with natural and recycled materials. Likewise, all Ana Martina pieces are delivered with the corresponding quality certificate.

Ana Martina’s designs

Among her pieces and designs, Ana Martina highlights her Patios collection. For the first time, a potted jewel is used, hung on earrings or placed on necklaces, chokers and bracelets, in honour of the Patios of Cordoba (declared a World Heritage Site in 2012). 

Ana Martina considers jewellery for both women and men to be equally important. For the latter, there are many accessories and complements, which is why at Plata con Alma they are on the way to making special collections for them.

We invite you to visit the official website of Plata con Alma de Ana Martina to see with your own eyes the exclusive pieces designed and made by Ana, where you can buy online her pieces, such as:

  • Arquillo Earrings
  • Fernandinos Earrings
  • Arquillo Pendants
  • Brooches Brooches Brooches Pins and Pendants “Fernandinos”.
  • Earrings Filigree Alhajar
  • Earrings Filigree Alhajar
  • Isabelinos Pendants
  • And more

Be sure to visit her workshop located at 9 Tomás Conde Street in the Jewish Quarter, where Ana Martina gives shape to her ideas and where the pieces of her art vibrate, seduce and dazzle.

Faites partie de la famille de Tierras de Córdoba