A company dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of goat’s cheese located about 10 kilometres from the town of Adamuz, a municipality in the province of Cordoba, in the heart of the Sierra Morena mountain range next to the Guadalquivir. A charming village, with a characteristic reddish stone molinaza that enhances the architecture of this village, which overlooks the Guadalquivir, surrounded by an extensive landscape full of nature. 

Production of organic milk and cheese in Adamuz

Its production model is completely natural. The goats are of an autochthonous Murcian-Granadine breed, and they are managed extensively and organically. They feed mainly on the farm’s forage, such as acorns, although they supplement it with organic grain.

The goats are continuously grazed, resulting in a milk with a grassy flavour, a deseasonal milk. The milk is produced with different flavours, fats, proteins, etc. depending on the time the goats spend away from the farm feeding from the field.

All the cheeses are made only with raw milk from their own herd of goats fed on pasture grass and organic grain, native ferments and natural rinds.

A recent update is the production of two new cheeses: a cheese with nettle inside and another little cheese called Igloo, with a mouldy rind, proving that the couple is not content with what they already have but are constantly creating.

The couple estimates that their production figures are around 2,400 kilos per year, as they work with around 50 litres of milk per day between the months of October and July. As far as the market is concerned, Quesería Comocabras attaches importance to local commerce, as one of its strong points is its proximity to its customers.

The main destinations for their products are the city of Cordoba and nearby towns, in shops and restaurants.

Guided tour and cheese tasting in Comocabras

The company also offers a tourist section, periodically organising tours and tastings at its facilities where they show their animals, the production process and sell their delicious cheeses to the public.

The cheese tasting and visit lasts an hour and a half. You will discover the flavour of Sierra Morena cheeses from the hands of professionals.

You will visit a small agro-ecological farm of free-range goats, fed on pasture grass and acorns.

You will experience first-hand the organic production of Comocabras, learning about a livestock farm committed to the environment and how the best milk is obtained to make the cheese.

At the end of the visit you will be able to taste a paired cheese board from the farm and you will be guided through the flavours and textures of their products and the land of the Cordoba countryside.

Cheese-making workshop

Comocabras also has a cheese-making and tasting workshop.

It has a duration of three hours and has to have a minimum group of 6 people, being able to modify the dates to achieve a minimum group.

Come to the workshop and you can live an authentic gastronomic experience in the heart of Sierra Morena. You will be able to make your own cheese with the help of the Comocabras cheese makers, you will be trained in the different manufacturing processes and you will use the most common utensils in a small rural cheese factory.

Once the workshop is over, you will be able to visit the farm and finish with a paired tasting of its products and the cheeses made during the workshop.

The origin of Quesería Comocabras

The Comocabras Cheese Factory is a project of a young couple who met through their studies. Arco Hernández, from a village in Cantabria, who studied forestry engineering; and Sonia Mirarchi, a young Italian woman who arrived in her last year with the Erasmus scholarship to study agricultural engineering in Córdoba.

Both had the dream of starting up a livestock farm and thanks to a good friend from university they ended up in Adamuz. This is how they made their dream come true, in a unique and beautiful pasture near the capital. The Comocabras Cheese Factory has a herd of 70 animals, of which only 36 are used for the farm.

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