Casa Patricio Restaurant

Restaurant located in Bujalance, a town in the province of Cordoba, in the heart of Andalusia. Founded in the early 70’s by two young entrepreneurs: Emilia Jiménez and Patricio Pozuelo.

Casa Patricio – Andalusian Cuisine Restaurant

The restaurant is a regional and traditional classic of the area, as it presents a menu based on the original culinary legacy of the Arab, Jewish and Christian cultures, working with fresh seasonal products, available to taste and enjoy every day with its menu or products from the menu.

As every gastronomic restaurant, it has its typical dishes and more known by the diners: its cholondros (pork loin with a prepared majado), lamb with honey, vegetable pie or roast lamb, typical dishes that make up the extensive menu.

It has a full daily menu very well valued by diners, with an average price of around 15 € / person. You also have the possibility, and it is the most common, to order products and dishes from the menu without menu. Eating in this alternative would mean an average of 15-25€/person.

Weddings and other events

The restaurant assures that these dishes “wrapped in the exquisite atmosphere of our dining rooms, makes eating at Casa Patricio the ideal place to celebrate any type of event”.

If you are looking for professionalism, modernity, innovation, originality, exquisiteness, “Casa Patricio” is the ideal place to celebrate any type of event, whether weddings, baptisms, communions, family meals, presentations, business meetings or friends, etc…

Backed by more than forty years of experience, it has numerous facilities and services: banquet room, non-smoking room, air-conditioned room, parking, private rooms…

The restaurant Casa Patricio has been selected by popular election, Gurmé Córdoba Award as Best Restaurant in the Province of Córdoba.

History of Casa Patricio Restaurant

For many years they ran a hotel business in Bujalance, the Hotel Galán. This young couple loved cooking, and their enthusiasm for the kitchen led them to set up their own restaurant in the town of Cordoba.

They decided to buy an old tavern in the early 70’s in the outskirts of the town, giving it the name of “Restaurante Casa Patricio”. The business became a family business and their four sons, who currently manage the establishment, took over the management from Pedro Pozuelo and his brother-in-law, Pepe Romero.

Esta nueva generación le ha dado un aire más moderno y amplio a las instalaciones y también han actualizado la carta y el servicio que prestan. Han conseguido hacerse un hueco en la lista de restaurantes históricos, referente gastronómico y de renombre en la provincia de Córdoba.

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