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Rurápolis is a consultancy and advisory firm that strives to contribute to the sustainable development of the rural world, which has unique corners yet to be discovered, as well as to promote its culture and tradition, its nature and its diversity. The main objective of the Rurápolis consultancy is to advise rural businesses to promote innovative business models that will benefit the next generations.

To this end, they have a network of consultants with experience in the sector, a team of highly qualified professionals committed to rural development. This would not be possible without the cooperation of strategic partners and the collaboration of multiple institutions, including: Abraza la Tierra, Fundación Botín, Surgenia Centro de Negocios, Teica Centro Tecnológico del Cárnico….

In addition, Rurapolis, whose style of work seeks to collaborate in a way that is open to new horizons, promotes innovative platforms that help disseminate advances in the field of rural development, such as: Chil, Besana Portal Agrario, Red Española de Desarrollo Rural (Spanish Rural Development Network).

Customers who have trusted Rurapolis

Throughout its history, Rurapolis has offered its services to various entities and individuals. The company is committed to helping them to be born and grow, therefore, never cease to be aware of their evolution, making sure that they progress day by day.

This consulting firm stands out for its service vocation, its flexibility and proximity, and for adapting to the needs of each entity.

These are some of the clients who have trusted in the professional work of Rurápolis and the projects they have carried out together, obtaining excellent and tangible results: 

  • CAAE, with the Ecomart project
  • Botín Foundation and the Rural Development, Heritage and Territory Program; Nansaemprende; The observatory of business models
  • Quesandaluz
  • Rioma
  • Galenda
  • Pajarete
  • Encasa
  • Memphis

Rurapolis, which becomes a partner for companies to turn to when undertaking ambitious projects, advises these entities in various areas of company management, redefines the business model, designs a strategic plan for the coming years, raises financing, creates brands and positions their products in the market, obtains necessary licenses, and much more.

Rurapolis on-line store

In the Rurapolis online store you have a great selection of rural tourism experiences in Ruratrip, gourmet products for small artisan businesses in Rurashop and technology and innovation in mobile devices for rural conditions in Ruraphone.

  • Ruratrip: here they offer you high quality rural tourism packages, including lodging, activities and visits.
  • Rurashop: here you will be able to access a wide range of high quality gourmet products that are difficult to find in conventional commercial channels.
  • Ruraphone: here you will find the most appropriate and innovative technology adapted to the adverse conditions of the rural environment.

Rural Development Consulting

Rural development programs

The intervention of Rurápolis in territorial planning seeks to activate the attributes and means of each territory to design and develop guiding projects with local stakeholders, who will feel like the protagonists of their future. The strategic territorial planning methodology applied by Rurápolis is aimed at the sustainable socioeconomic development of rural territories.

To evaluate the impact of projects at the end of each stage or process, Rurapolis is committed to establishing useful indicators and procedures to assess the degree of achievement of objectives.

Likewise, Rurapolis, together with different entities linked to the improvement of the rural world, carries out studies and monographs that will be at your disposal free of charge.


Rurapolis consultants, experienced in business management with a dynamic and participatory methodology, are responsible for the design, implementation and delivery of comprehensive training programs for rural entrepreneurs. 


Rurápolis develops projects that advocate R+D+i in the rural world, being one of the principles of the consultancy, the incorporation of new ICT tools for the management of rural SMEs. To this end, they have different strategic alliances to deliver advanced software and user-friendly apps to companies in the sector.

Consulting for companies and entrepreneurs

To create your own company:

In Rurápolis they show you the steps to follow in order to start a new project. 

  • Idea
  • Business Model
  • Business Plan and Feasibility
  • Financing
  • Partner Search
  • Start-up

Rurapolis advises you and accompanies you throughout the whole process, helping you to develop your business idea step by step.

They will work with you with innovative methods, advise you in different areas of business, legal and technical knowledge, help you raise financing and identify potential partners that fit your needs.

To improve your company: 

The consultancy will help you to strategically focus your business and implement an action plan to achieve greater efficiency for your organization. Likewise, consulting will help you direct your efforts in the right direction to significantly improve your results.

Check the official Rurapolis website for more information on all their services, to see the excellent results they have obtained with their clients and to contact them in case you are interested in working with them to carry out your project.

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