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Servinalia considers the design of personalised voice assistants for communication between companies and their customers to be a safe bet. The applications can be for all types of sectors, such as Leisure and Tourism, E-commerce, Finance, Health, etc.

Servinalia protects your brand, offering your users correct answers about your services and solving frequently asked questions, among others. 

Servinalia’s services

Servinalia specialises in the development of Skill for Amazon Alexa and builds voice applications for public bodies, businesses and brands. Thanks to this innovation in your brand, you will be able to offer your customers a new advanced technological tool to interact with them like never before.

For all of this, they have specialists in the sector who advise you and accompany you throughout the entire process: from the design of the application to certification, including the creation of a prototype and its development.

The following are success stories in which Servinalia has fulfilled its service and exceeded expectations:

  • Tourism: Development of an interactive guide where everything that can be visited is presented in different languages: Turismo de Córdoba.
  • Museums: “Virtual interactive panels” at different information points throughout the museum where the appropriate information is collected: Archaeological Museum of Cabra 
  • This project was presented at the VI Smart Cities Congress and could be complementary to the first project.

Why choose Servinalia?

Servinalia works directly on Amazon servers. In case of updating information, you can do it through a control panel included in the development of the application. The control panel is directly connected to the Amazon servers, so you can update the information without the need for internet knowledge.

With the advent of a multitude of voice-enabled devices, more and more consumers are using this tool to make their queries. Moreover, according to customers, voice search is preferable to typing your query, and listening to the answer is preferable to reading it. Therefore, businesses should start implementing voice technology in their digital marketing strategies to stay visible. 

Servinalia invites you to be part of this important technological change to turn it into a great opportunity for your brand, as voice is an important part of the digital transformation that is taking place. 

Diseño y programación web

The company also offers a service for professional Web Design and Programming. Depending on the needs of each client, the web design will be in one form or another.

On the official website, you can see examples of Servinalia’s handmade designs and a brief description of each style. You can find basic web designs, advanced web designs, designs for e-commerce shops, virtual tours, mobile applications, corporate image design, product photography, market place or custom programming portals.

Go to Servinalia’s official website and check all the projects designed and developed by them, read carefully the services they offer and contact them in case you are interested.

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