Social Wind C/Albéniz, 10. 14005, Córdoba Capital

SocialWind is a company from Córdoba specialized in Marketing, Communication and Social Media management, dedicated to design, implement and manage integrated campaigns.

SocialWind – Marketing and event organization in Córdoba

Social Wind takes care of the design, planning and management of the event you propose from start to finish.

They will organize the event and provide personalized coordination and supervision of the market.

It also offers other services such as Briefing, analysis and development of proposals, solution based on timing and budget, campaign implementation, control and analysis of results, and Social Media Events.

The company’s staff are experts in the world of Social Media, with specialized and specific training. Their years of experience working in online marketing campaigns guarantees results with a tailored strategy.

The overall objective of SocialWind is to position companies in the market with the lowest possible cost.

How does it works Social Wind?

They have a strategy that adapts to your needs. You simply have to inform them of what your company is like and they analyze and evaluate the strategy that best fits the process. They also offer good branding and good communication, which is the best way to reach all points, measuring the results and making them improve over time.

What a good communication department offers is increased visibility, always transmitting transparency and reliability to customers. Everything must be aimed at creating and transmitting to customers a solid, professional and original image of your brand:

SocialWind will accompany you to know the target audience, will help you design how the company’s communication will be, what media will be used to carry out the communication, will study if the chosen channels work properly and finally will control and measure everything related to internal and external communication.

Action plan

The company will organize the event of your choice and take care of all the online content. The company’s procedure to elaborate the action plan of the event is:

  • Choose the Social Networks
    Choose the Hashtag for the event
    Update all social media profiles
    Online ticket sales
    Create appropriate content adapted to the action plan
    Plan and schedule specific content
    Use influencers to reach out to a wider audience
    Use Facebook and Twitter Ads
    Make a live video on the chosen day to present the event
    Measure and monitor social media activity

Ideas Lab

Another function of SocialWind is the “Ideas Lab”, which consists of generating new ideas and transforming the business by creating an adapted strategy.

The first thing is to be clear about what you want and what the main idea is. How do you think you can launch it, what would it consist of, if you can do it alone or if you need a good professional team. The key is to have a concrete idea and the company will help you with the rest.


Técnicas con las que trabaja SocialWind:

  • Brainstorming
  • The Walt Disney Method
  • 6 Thinking Hats
  • Mental Writing
  • The Da Vinci Technique
  • The Molière Technique

Social media strategy

In terms of Social Media Marketing social networks play a key role in promoting the brand, among other things, to improve the presence to your customers in the networks and thus increase sales.

SocialWind will help you to create a good Communication & Digital Marketing Strategy, the creation and implementation of Social Networks, Community Manager Services, Social Ads & Google Ads, improving web design and SME Training.

On the SocialWind website you will find a section to contact the company, to resolve any questions about it. They also offer data with customer reviews, success stories of their work, and several blogs.

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