Tanto Tan Cerca

https://www.tantotancerca.com/ C/Luis Ponce de León, 10. 14006, Córdoba Capital

Tanto Tan Cerca is a service whose main objective is to act as a link between the towns of the province to obtain the recognition that their people, their history, their culture, their traditions, their monuments deserve… If this is also important to you, Tanto Tan Cerca is your best ally.

Tanto Tan Cerca – Visibility for businesses and villages

The service offered by Tanto Tan Cerca was born from the realization that, after 20 years of experience working for different localities, the traditions, events and businesses of the different localities have been losing strength. Hence the need to give them back the visibility they have lost. For this reason, the true passion of Tanto Tan Cerca is to be an active part of the maintenance of the towns and their traditions.

The company Tanto Tan Cerca will give value and visibility to your town, your business or your event.

They achieve this through their Magazine designed by and for the Prosperity of the Province, as well as with exclusive trips conceived for people to discover all the value that is so close. The Tanto Tan Cerca Magazine will specifically highlight the traditions and businesses of the province to bring it closer to the whole world.

Tanto Tan Cerca – Experience packs

Tanto Tan Cerca offers a Complete Experience Pack with which you will get your event or business the recognition and visibility that you would like. The Complete Pack includes:  

  • Article or page in our Tanto tan Cerca Magazine
  • Travel to your Business or Event
  • Publirreportaje of your Business or Event

Another option offered by Tanto Tan Cerca is the Exclusive Signage Service, through which you will achieve “mobile” visibility throughout the province.

On the official website of Tanto Tan Cerca you will find a form through which you can request information about the services you are most interested in for your business without any kind of commitment. Don’t hesitate, because remember: If your business doesn’t have visibility, it doesn’t exist.

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