Tonelería del Sur Av. del Marqués de la Vega de Armijo, 110, 14550 Montilla, Córdoba

Tonelería del Sur is a workshop where the wisdom of the old masters in the art of barrel making and the use of advanced technology come together to produce barrels and casks of superior quality.

Experience, professionalism and respect for the environment are its signs of identity, recognized nationally and internationally. It has a range adapted to all appellations of origin

CASKNOLIA – The Premium Brand of Tonelería del Sur

Tonelería del Sur Coopers has always been committed to quality to stay at the forefront of the market. The superior quality in our process and the attention to detail towards the best results from the barrel is the only option that we consider so that our clients’ liquors obtain the best for an offer of varied flavors.

Now we are launching a brand that has just arrived: CASKNOLIA, signature barrels under the most demanding quality standards, a unique brand for each market.

After a rigorous selection of the wood to be used, the traceability in its production and some high-end finishes, we obtain our CASKNOLIA barrels. This is the logical consequence and the next quality step once the ISO: 9001/2008 standard has been certified in 2010.

Backed by a team of traditional coopers, CASKNOLIA barrels are not mass-produced barrels, but handcrafted barrels that are the fruit of a long tradition of coopers. CASKNOLIA barrels are, in short, the barrels of a large company.

Origin and history of Tonelería del Sur

Tonelería del Sur It was founded by Rafael Cabello, a skilled and experienced cooper based in the Montilla Moriles area, in southern Spain. His beginnings in the business were in the seventies, when he was only 12 years old, in a well-known local firm called Tonelería Miguel Casado, founded in the sixties.

It was in 1974 when Rafael created Hermanos Cabello Cooperage, directing this firm for 32 years. This company became Tonelería del Sur in 2005 when their children Rafa and Nadia joined the project.

Rafa Cabello, born and raised in the environment of coopers, began his professional career in 1996. Formed by the master coopers of the family business, he became a master cooper in 2007 applying the knowledge acquired to the production of high-end barrels.

He specialized in the barrel aging process of various varieties of wine from different wine-growing areas, providing notes in spirits and beers through seasoning methods.

Rafael learns about the distillation process thanks to the technical knowledge of Mathew Hoffman. Mr. Hoffman, master distiller of the Seattle-based Westland Distillery, like the entire Westland family, welcomes Rafa to his distillery for a time.

Nadia Cabello, once she graduated from the University, joined the family business in 2006 becoming the head of logistics, quality and administration of the company.

Currently, the company has a quality certification ISO 9001/2008 oriented to quality, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and totally ecological and sustainable procedures.

The Casknolia family

Ours is an enthusiastic team of coopers who convey camaraderie and expertise in the quality of our assortment and their reputation in the business. Each of the links in our production chain is in charge of qualified technicians in their corresponding areas. Because we love our work and that of our clients, we feel like a big family unto itself.

Faites partie de la famille de Tierras de Córdoba