We Love Montilla-Moriles

We recommend what to do, what to eat and drink, experiences, plans, products … from the Montilla-Moriles region, its 17 towns and Córdoba capital, prepared by ‘insiders’, local people specialized in tourism, gastronomy and travel.

What is We Love Montilla Moriles and how does it work?

We Love Montilla Moriles consists of a showcase to make visible and promote the wines of Córdoba and inland tourism.

It is a platform dedicated to disseminating and promoting tourism, gastronomy and the experiences of the Cordovan countryside, including Córdoba capital, transmitting the essence of the wine culture of Montilla-Moriles from 17 towns in the south of Córdoba to discover every corner and its most side. authentic and traditional.

The team is made up of 60% men and 40% women, aged between 25 and 54 years old and with a medium-high cultural level. Professionals from the world of communication, image and online store development. Professionals who love the wine culture of the villages, the rural way of life they represent and the products and the high value they have, but above all the richness of an invisible heritage that inhabits them.

The fundamental themes of the platform put their strong point in the wines protected by the Montilla-Moriles Denomination of Origin. It is one of the oldest in Spain, dating back to 1932. In 2015 the Junta de Andalucía recognized the wines of the PDO Montilla-Moriles as Andalusian Intangible Heritage because of its albarizas, its hemlines, its jars, its walkers and its system of criaderas and soleras linked to the Andalusian culture. The Harvest Fair, held in September, is the oldest in Andalusia. The territory has the third oldest winery in all of Spain, Alvear, from 1729.

Other strong points that cannot be forgotten are all its premium products, the family wineries and wineries hidden throughout the Andalusian territory, the routes and enclaves of wine tourism, the typical gastronomy of the area, from the best restaurants to the most picturesque taverns, regional products, etc.

The five keys to We Love Montilla Moriles:

  1. Promote the marketing of the territory, at the level of wine tourism and other experiences, but that can complete the visit.
  2. To draw the attention of the target foreign public for the commercialization of the region.
  3. Increase knowledge of wine culture both in the Montilla Moriles territory itself, and abroad.
  4. Work in a fresh and current way the wine-tourism relationship in the area.
  5. Promote the sale of products and experiences that appear mentioned on our website or displayed for sale in its online store.

On their website they directly open the door to the towns and teach you the rural lifestyle narrated by those who live it daily in order to interpret it in a tourist key to offer an interesting showcase to market the area and its products; also to promote wine tourism by offering touches and experiences for all those who seek silence, tranquility, nature and authenticity to escape for a few days in the heart of Andalusia.

The social networks of We Love Montilla Moriles are followed by people interested in Montilla-Moriles wines, in rural and charming tourism that takes place in the region, in the gastronomic possibilities that exist, in the premium products of the area, Nature lovers looking for a relaxed environment, families with children or groups of friends and couples … especially travelers interested in discovering or rediscovering this land, meeting its artisans and delving into the sensations and experiences of what is known as Tuscany Cordoba.

Services of We Love Montilla Moriles

The services offered by the platform are:

Advertising Formats

  • Exclusive article on the web: to publicize a new product: wines, oils, accommodation, seasonal menus, events, cultural appointments, experiences, etc. The company is in charge of taking the photographs and writing the text in an attractive style to promote it on the web and on social networks for two weeks.
  • Sponsored post on social networks: post about your event, launch of new products, openings, seasonal menu, etc. The company is responsible for creating the content. Post + History Sponsored on social networks.
  • Banner on the web: the company inserts banners in certain parts of the web for a month, defining the section most related to the banner you want to publish. The department will handle the design.

Marketing y marketing online

Likewise, the We Love Montilla Moriles platform offers a wide variety of Marketing, Communication and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services.

More by We Love Montilla Moriles

In short, We Love Montilla Moriles will teach you everything you need to know about the wines, the land and the wine tourism of the southern countryside of Córdoba. The best plans and visits to do on your own, where to sleep, where to eat, what to see, what to do and visit in the towns of Montilla-Moriles so that you do not miss anything that makes this rural and essentially gastronomic region unique .

The website offers you a list of towns and cities in the province of Córdoba with their respective places of interest that you cannot miss, it also offers you the outstanding restaurants and taverns and the hotels, rural houses and farmhouses in each place. Places such as Aguilar, Baena, Cabra, Castro del Río, Córdoba, Doña Mencía, Espejo, Fernán Núñez, La Rambla, Lucena, Montalbán, Montemayor, Montilla, Monturque, Moriles, Nueva Carteya, Puente Genil and Santaella.

In the “What to do” section, you can see all the activities and topics of interest to plan your vacations as a family, in a group, as a couple … divided into sections to enter the theme you are looking for, such as food and wine, thematic routes, sport and open air, art and culture, relaxation and well-being, family and children, rural life, wineries and wineries, towns, what to see, restaurants and accommodation.

We Love Montilla Moriles contains blogs from clients and experts who have lived each experience and tell you their personal opinion so that you can get an idea of ​​the wonderful tourism and gastronomy proposal that Andalusia offers. Different proposals, the same objective: to unite the region, to excite its people, to make the visitor fall in love.

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