Dehesa Experiences Voucher

2 nights accommodation+ breakfast+ experience of your choice

Junior suite:

  • 2 pax: 600€,
  • 3 pax 700€
  • 4 pax 800€

Experience of your choice

  • Wine tasting “Andalusian wines” edition with our professional sommelier Rodrigo Pardo: You can enjoy a wine tasting experience in which we will discover the versatility of the queen grape of Montilla Moriles, the pedro ximénez. A single grape variety that will give us wines as different as fino, amontillado, oloroso and sweet PX, traditional wines from Andalusia and unique in the world.
  • Photo Safari Adventure Experience. The service provider will pick you up and bring you back to the centre’s reception. In this experience, you will visit one of the most spectacular farms in the area, where you will find a modern hide (photographic hide) fully equipped, where you will enjoy a unique natural spectacle, eagles and other birds just a few meters away from you. All you need to bring is a camera or mobile phone to immortalise this natural spectacle. Dark clothing is recommended.
  • Adventure experience with a drone. We are going to offer you an adventure for all ages in our own dehesa forest, where you will make a virtual journey through the mountains with a drone and virtual reality glasses that will really surprise you, you can enjoy a bird’s eye view adventure surrounded by nature. Includes a souvenir photo of you doing the activity. Cost 25€ per person.
  • Wellness experience Maderoterapia. Wood therapy originates from Colombia, which is so natural and effective that it is known as the queen of massage. Wooden tools and oils are used exclusively for this massage. It relieves muscle and joint pain, reduces cellulite, tones and firms. It improves blood circulation, the production of elastin and collagen in the skin and helps to drain liquids. It can be performed in the following areas: Facial (very comfortable), Arms, Abdomen+Back, Legs +glutes. The sessions last 45 minutes and take place on the terrace of the accommodation.
  • Exclusive horseback riding route through Sierra Morena, suitable for all ages and lasting approximately 1 hour. Departure point from Villafranca de Córdoba (10 minutes from the Dehesa). You will live an unforgettable experience on the back of extraordinary horses trained by the best equestrian guides.
  • La Berrea and Senda de los Ciervos Experience (between 20th September and 22nd October). Hiking experience in Finca Montes Comunales de Adamuz of about 6km suitable for all ages of approximately 3 hours at dawn or dusk. The aim of the route is to listen and watch the deer during the rutting season, which takes place at the beginning of autumn after the first rains. A spectacular ritual where the males “call” the females with the intention of mating, and the louder the sound they make, the easier it is for them to achieve their objective. The Experience takes place in a private estate, going down to the lagoons where it is easier to see them, as they come down to drink and there is no saturation of people that could scare them. Listening to this spectacle of nature live is a real privilege that offers us this unique natural environment that we enjoy, where you can also see other animals during the route such as: partridges, rabbits, hares, foxes, badgers, wild boars, mouflons, fallow deer and lynxes. During the whole route you will be accompanied by a group of experts who will ensure a spectacular route and explanations of the surroundings. It is only necessary to wear suitable clothes for hiking, not to wear perfumed clothes and to always have the utmost respect for nature. The transfer to the farm is included.
  • Experience “The Sound of the Stars” (from 22 October on weekends). A unique experience on the starry sky of Sierra Morena, declared a StarLight Reserve by UNESCO in 2012, where we will enjoy one of the skies with less light pollution and with the best situation in Europe to see the stars. The activity begins in the Dehesa itself just at dusk, watching our wonderful sunsets, followed by a small walking route through the Dehesa, to continue lying relaxed on mats, where all visitors will relax with a wonderful explanation about the planets, the stars and all the curiosities of the constellations. As the icing on the cake and to complete an unforgettable evening, all the explanation will be enlivened with live guitar music performed by the national guitar award winner Alberto Lucena, who will end the experience with the soundtrack composed by himself “The sound of the stars”.