Machaquito Distillery

Guided and self-guided tours to the oldest distillery in Spain. #You will see the fire of 4 ovens with two tons of olive wood heating giant and centenary copper stills that, in 24h cycles, distill the mixture of water, alcohol and matalahúga to produce the inimitable Anís de Rute.

We propose an immersion of experiences that will activate your senses and make you travel from history to the vanguard of the prestigious Rute Distillery.

Destilería Machaquito – Production of aniseed and other liquors in Rute

At the foot of the Cordoba Subbetica, in the province of Cordoba, we find the Machaquito Distillery, a family business dedicated to the manufacture of spirits since 1876.

The Destilería Machaquito team is now in its fifth generation. A family business that continues to maintain the same vocation as its founder and great-great-grandfather Rafael Reyes Rodriguez in 1860, “the best or nothing”. Committed to their family legacy but uniting past, present and future. Combining copper stills with a wood-fired oven and maceration with the best fruits and natural seeds, in the style of the 19th century, with state-of-the-art technology and R+D+I processes, with technical and scientific support from the university community and research centers.

“Hard work, meticulousness, humility, determination and, above all, a lot of love.”

Aniseed and other liquors from Machaquito Distillery

Among the products produced at the Machaquito Distillery are: sweet anise, coffee liqueurs, liqueurs of different fruits and cherries. However, the star product is the Anís Machaquito Seco.

Here anise is distilled with the same formula and in the same place as a century ago, in a traditional and artisanal way.

In fact, the distillation process for the production of the products is still carried out in copper stills, using olive or holm oak wood as fuel, although the latest technology and the most efficient means are used in the other manufacturing processes.

The Machaquito Distillery also has a bottling room, where all its products are bottled and then marketed nationally and internationally.

Buy aniseed and other liquors online

Remember that in the web you have at your disposal a catalog of aniseed and other liquors of Machaquito Distillery to buy online and receive at home.

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