Lagar Cañada Navarro Vereda del Cerro Macho s/n 14550 Montilla (Córdoba) España

To the south of the province of Córdoba, in the middle of the Sierra de Montilla, we find a hamlet from the 18th century Lagar Cañada Navarro. A space dedicated to promoting Montilla-Moriles Denomination of Origin wines and wine tourism.

The know-how of the family business joins the tradition, production and marketing of quality natural wines.

Lagar Cañada Navarro – Winemaking in Córdoba

The Cañada Navarro Lagar is a family Lagar that is located in the Sierra de Montilla, in the province of Córdoba, an area known as the Superior Quality Zone of the Montilla-Moriles Protected Designation of Origin. Here cultivation, tradition, production and marketing of quality natural wines are combined, and oenological tourism is encouraged.

Lagar Cañada Navarro was acquired in the 1960s by the father of its current owner, Emilio Jiménez Panadero. Currently, it is his two sons who are in charge of carrying out the tasks of the Lagar Cañada Navarro. Manuel as agricultural director of the farm and Santiago as harvester and winemaker.

The wines

Its wines come from the estate’s own grapes.

Here Pedro Ximénez Sweet Wine is made and sold from the sunning, raisining and subsequent pressing of the Pedro Ximénez grape, in customizable miniatures.

In addition, three types of young white wines are made, characterized by their freshness, fermentative and fruity aromas, but each with the essence provided by the variety of grape from which they come:

  • New Wine from Tinaja. From the Pedro Ximénez grape.
  • Young Wine Chardonnay. From grapes of this variety.
  • Verdejo Young Wine. From grapes of the Verdejo variety.

You can buy wines from Lagar Cañada Navarro online on their website.

The parts of the winepress

The Lagar Cañada Navarro is composed of different parts, which result in a productive unit:

  • On the one hand, the Agricultural Farm, which has about 20 hectares of different varieties of white grapes, predominantly Pedro Ximénez, and also Chardonnay, Verdejo and Moscatel of small grain.
  • On the other hand, the Caserío, where the different dependencies are articulated around a central patio: Lagareta or lagar, to obtain the musts of the grapes harvested during the month of September. Bodega de Tinajas, for the fermentation of the musts, through the spray system, and subsequent storage of the New Wine, and the House for family use.
  • Finally, the warehouses, a space dedicated to agricultural implements and machinery.

Activities and wine tourism in Lagar Cañada Navarro

From the website you can also book activities and guided tours of the winery and immerse yourself in the culture of wine:

Guided tour of the winery (in Spanish, English, French or German):

  • Know the vineyards and the cultivation system.
  • Tour the grape reception, milling and fermentation facilities.
  • Tasting of our wines.  

Visit to Vineyard, Winery and Winery:

Enjoy the full experience of the winemaking process in the Montilla – Moriles Designation of Origin. It includes:

  • Visit to the vineyard and the facilities of our winery.
  • Visit to the winery.
  • Wine tasting accompanied by a small aperitif. 

Cooking Workshop:

A culinary experience among vineyards. It includes:

  • Guided tour of the vineyard and the winery.
  • Tinaja wine tasting.
  • Practical cooking class: two dishes and dessert are prepared.
  • Dinner of the elaborated dishes.

Traditional chorizo ​​elaboration workshop:

This experience includes, in addition to the preparation and tasting of the chorizo ​​made by yourself in the traditional way:

  • Guided tour of the vineyard and the winery.
  • Tinaja wine tasting.
  • Chorizo ​​making workshop.
  • Lunch of elaborated chorizo ​​and varied tapas.

Routes through Montilla:

In addition to these experiences, from the Lagar Cañada Navarro they propose different guided routes to get to know Montilla.

  • Cultural Route. You will know the most emblematic monuments of the city.
  • Avilista Route. You will visit the most representative places of San Juan de Ávila in Montilla accompanied by a specialized guide.

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