Lagar La Primilla Ctra. Montilla-Llanos del Espinar. 14550, Montilla

Guided tour of the winery with a tasting of five wines and a wine-making workshop, with a choice of tapas at the end of the visit.

Ask for a quote and availability in advance by calling 680 46 40 97, contact Charo.

Lagar La Primilla – Experts in wine production

Lagar La Primilla is located in Montilla, in the south of the province of Cordoba, as are its vineyards, which form part of the Montilla-Moriles Designation of Origin.

La Primilla has specialised in the wine production process since the end of the 19th century and is now the fourth and fifth generation of winemakers.

The Lagar La Primilla wines are “vinos en rama”. This means that they are wines that have not undergone stabilisation processes. In this way, wines are obtained that retain their aroma and flavour in their entirety, or what could also be called wines in their pure state.

A winery with a winery designation of origin

La Primilla is one of the few wineries that still maintains the name “lagar” in its name.

The “lagar” is the press where the grapes were crushed in the past, and consequently, the building in which the press was stored. 

Throughout the history of La Primilla, each generation has faced different challenges, such as, for example, the phylloxera plague, considered the greatest enemy of the vine, which almost wiped out all of La Primilla’s vineyards as it did in the rest of Europe. Or the modernisation of machinery and the launch of new productions.

La Primilla vineyards

The vineyards of La Primilla grow along the Sierra de Montilla, which is located in a Superior Quality Subzone.

This area is characterised by its albariza soils rich in calcium carbonate capable of absorbing up to 30% of humidity, the microclimate and sloping terrain, which makes it an ideal area for the growth of vineyards.

Guided tours of the Lagar La Primilla winery

Lagar La Primilla offers guided tours for wine and viticulture lovers. In addition, you can enjoy the charm of the property and its architectural layout that will transport you to the magic of the wine presses of more than half a century ago. These are the services offered: 

  • Visit with tasting – 10 EUR per person
  • Tapas tour – from 19 EUR per person
  • Visit with lunch – from 30 EUR per person
  • Children’s entertainer – ask for a quote

Guided tours are available in different languages: Spanish, English, French and Dutch. If you are interested in visiting El Lagar La Primilla, please fill in the form on the winery’s official website or call the telephone number indicated.

The Lagar La Primilla online wine shop

We also recommend that you visit the official website of Lagar Las Primillas and access its Online Shop, where you can see and buy all its products:

  • Olive Oil
  • Amontillado Wine
  • Tinaja Wine
  • Sweet Pedro Ximénez Wine
  • Vino Fino El Laurel
  • Eterna Sonrisa Frizzante Wine
  • Young Wine

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