Maletea Travel C/Pozo, 51. 14840, Castro del Río

Travel agency. We offer vacation packages, hotels, flight + hotel, cruises and long distance trips.

Travel agency in Castro del Río

Maletea Viajes is a travel agency located in Castro del Río, a municipality in the province of Córdoba. You can contact the agency either to plan a summer vacation, a weekend getaway or any other activity. The great advantage is that you will be on the safe side, with organized plans so that everything goes smoothly.

Maletea also helps you find flights, hotels, tour packages, excursions… and get a dream vacation anywhere in the world at the best possible price.

Maletea Travel Services

The services that Malatea offers and where it can help you find the best opportunities are:

  • Routes by car: transport and rental car, only rental car or with your own car. Selecting the origin, first destination, starting date of the trip and check if you are a driver between 30-65 years old.
  • Tours from 6 to 16 people: you have the possibility to create your private tour by selecting a country, the pick-up point, the starting date of the trip and the rooms and their distribution.
  • Guaranteed tours: you will be able to find your travel package by selecting a country and when you would like to travel.
  • Create your multi-destination: Malatea offers you to create your trip with different destinations. You select the starting point and the rooms and people.
  • Transportation + Accommodation: you can organize your trip with everything prepared without missing anything. You select your origin, destination, trip start date, return date and the rooms and people traveling.
  • Find your accommodation: you can simply search where you will be staying, selecting where you would like to go, check-in and check-out dates and rooms.
  • Transportation: whether it is one way, round trip or multiple destinations. Selecting your origin, destination, start and return date and the adults or people who will be riding in the vehicle.
  • Activities: Malatea can organize the activities you are going to do, you just have to decide where you are going, the dates of departure and return, and the people you will be.
  • Car rental: choosing the pick up and drop off point with their respective times, and check if you are a driver between 30-65 years old.

On Malatea’s website there are often travel promotions that you can take advantage of if you match the dates indicated.

If you want your vacation to be perfect, do not hesitate to contact Maletea by phone or through the contact form, both of which can be found on the Malatea website. If you have already enjoyed the services, the company appreciates your assessment, either by rating, or through the comments that you will find below on the website or yellow pages…

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