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Almazara Pago las Monjas strives to generate and enrich the culture of the olive grove and extra virgin olive oil, creating activities that allow us to know and understand the differences between the products we find on the market. We will learn about types of olive groves, harvesting, the reasons for the prices, etc. A unique experience.

Pago Las Monjas – Montoro olive oil

Pago Las Monjas is a family project, created with great enthusiasm, effort and dedication, to offer top quality oils.

One of the objectives of Pago Las Monjas is “to ensure that when people talk about the oils of Córdoba, they don’t just think of Priego or Baena, but also of Montoro-Adamuz”.

Enjoy top quality olive oil and discover the benefits and culture surrounding the so-called liquid gold.

The Olive Oil Mill project

The Pago Las Monjas oil mill project was born in a spot in the Sierra Morena called Finca Las Monjas, in the heart of the Montoro-Cardeña Natural Park, an environment characterised by its 65 hectares of olive groves, with centenary olive trees 200 or 300 years old, with a history and milling tradition dating back to 1754.

It is here, in the Sierra de Montoro, where Extra Virgin Olive Oil is extracted and bottled, chosen as the best in Spain in 2018 by the Spanish Association of Olive Municipalities (AEMO).

Artisanal olive oil production

Pago Las Monjas follows the highest standards of quality through careful artisan production. The variety used in the olive grove of Finca Las Monjas is Picual, which is characterised by its unique flavour and bitterness, as well as its extraordinary stability with respect to oxidation.

On the other hand, the local Nevadillo Negro variety, characterised by its fruity nuances and its high polyphenol content, is used for bottling under the Montoro Adamuz DO. In fact, the European Commission itself certified the Montoro Adamuz designation of origin for, among other reasons, the high polyphenol content of the oils from this region. 

To guarantee the preservation of both the healthy and sensory qualities and its high nutritional value, the olives are harvested at the optimum moment of ripening and, on the same day, the juice is cold extracted at a temperature of less than 27º. When it comes to packaging, Pago Las Monjas ensures that every property and nuance of the product is preserved, thus offering top quality oils. 

The benefits of extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is the highest quality category and is the result of extracting the juice from the olive through procedures such as centrifugation or pressing.

The use of EVOO is recommended for its many properties. In fact, there are studies that claim that consumption of the oil, thanks to its natural compounds, helps to eliminate substances that favour the development of cancerous cells.

Other benefits of EVOO for the organism are its anti-inflammatory, protective and stimulating properties, and its use is also ideal for curing skin burns and protecting it from solar radiation.

Buy olive oil online in Pago Las Monjas

You can rest assured that you can make your online purchases of Pago Las Monjas products 100% safely and reliably with your credit card, by bank transfer or, if you prefer, through PayPal. In addition, Pago Las Monjas facilitates the purchase of its Almazara products through its official website, shipping free of charge to all destinations within the Iberian Peninsula by means of free express transport.

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