Senderos Córdoba

Get lost in the most charming landscapes of Cordoba and Andalusia with Senderos Cordoba, a company located in Adamuz.

You can join the already organized trekking routes or tell them your preferences so that they can make a tailor-made experience for you.

Senderos Córdoba routes

In Senderos Cordoba you can find a wide range of hiking trails:

The Thailand of Sierra Morena

In a mystical place of Sierra Morena, in the municipality of Adamuz, is San Francisco del Monte and Los Conventos, whose rock profiles of the landscape are reminiscent of other exotic corners.

Along the way you can enjoy a beautiful and well preserved Mediterranean forest. On the route you will find the remains of an old convent that was once a refuge for anchorites who lived their faith in silence and away from everything. You will also come across a unique cave in a landscape with cliffs and rock spires where vultures perch.

Perol cordobés

If you feel like spending a day in the countryside you have the option of doing a hiking route and finish with the typical Perol Cordobés and a few cold beers. The ingredients are provided by Senderos Córdoba: rice, stew, migas, salmorejo, etc.

You don’t have to take care of anything, Senderos Córdoba takes care of the logistics and everything necessary for everything to go smoothly.

Discover the Bejarano creek

The Bejarano stream, next to Santa María de Trassierra, is one of the most emblematic routes of Sierra Morena, it is formed by the basins of the Molino and Bejarano streams, and the Guadiato river.

The route along the Bejarano stream combines riverside forests with well-preserved Mediterranean forest. The entire route is dotted with ancient hydraulic constructions and other key historical remains to understand the splendor of Roman and Caliphate Cordoba.

War Trekking on the South Front

For scholars of the Civil War, between the municipalities of Villafranca and Adamuz, we can walk along the trenches of the Spanish Civil War, these interesting military parapets were located at points with good visibility.

If you like war tourism, Senderos Cordoba offers a beautiful and peaceful hiking route dotted with different remains of the civil war, which are now privileged viewpoints to enjoy the Sierra Morena and observe its most famous feline, “The Iberian lynx”.

El Caminito del Rey

El Caminito del Rey has become the most famous and fashionable trail in the world. Less than 2 hours by bus from Cordoba, we locate it between the Malaga towns of Alora and Ardales.

Since its opening to the public, there are many people from Córdoba that Senderos Córdoba has taken to the Desfiladero de los Gaitanes, they know its history, its singularities, its beauty. This route is suitable for all audiences, you do not have to be a hiker to enjoy the Caminito del Rey.

Oleotourism in Sierra Morena

The most beautiful olive grove in the world is located in the Sierra Morena of Cordoba, an olive grove that is located in very steep and difficult to access terrain, and that preserves the essence and flavor of our land.

On this occasion they invite you to learn about the tradition, culture, and way of life around the olive grove in the villages of Sierra Morena Cordoba. A different tourist experience in which they will show the main source of economy and wealth of Sierra Morena, from olive harvesting to obtaining a quality oil.

Neolithic Workshop

This is a family activity, where children can enjoy and learn about life in the Neolithic period with a visit to the Cueva de Cañaveralejo in the municipality of Adamuz.

Road to Santiago

Enjoy a program with all the ingredients to make your journey easier and more comfortable, with an instructor, support vehicles, hotel accommodations and experience at your disposal.

VIP tours and much more…

If you are going with a small group and prefer to have your trip programmed, ask Senderos Córdoba for a quote and you will have a tailor-made experience.

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