Mystery routes in Sierra Morena

San Francisco del Monte, Los Conventos

A few kilometres from Adamuz, on the road to the Guadalmellato reservoir, are the ruins of San Francisco del Monte, an ancient monastery that was inhabited from the 14th century until the disentailment of Mendizábal in the 19th century.

The ruins of this monastery, together with the remains of the monks’ hermitages and the cave of the rams, which housed the first church in the area, are located in a place of singular beauty popularly known as the Thailand of Sierra Morena. So called because of the needles of its cliffs and steep rock masses, which once served as a refuge for anchorites seeking places of seclusion, peace and perpetual silence.

This idyllic setting preserves a beautiful forest with slopes of gall oaks, strawberry trees and holm oaks together with a wide variety of Mediterranean woodland plants. A colony of vultures and a couple of eagles watch from the sky over the game species such as deer, fallow deer and wild boar that live here.

The route is guided and interpreted, as this route has a lot of history and a beauty that makes it unique within the Sierra Morena.

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Activity details

  • Duration: 4.5 hours
  • Level: Low/medium
  • Length: 9 to 12 km
  • Guided, unhurried and leisurely interpreted hiking.
  • Necessary: Water, mid-morning fruit, comfortable clothes, hiking shoes, cap, walking stick, camera, binoculars.
  • Budget: Includes: guide + insurance + entrance to the private estate.
    • For a group of 8 to 19 people 20 € per participant VAT INCLUDED.
    • For a group of 20 to 34 people 17 € per participant, VAT INCLUDED.
    • For a group of 35 to 50 people 13 € per participant, VAT INCLUDED.

(if you are staying at the hotel rural los Conventos, discount of 6 €)

You can finish with a typical meal in the area, check price and availability.

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