El Tomate Restaurant

C/Rector Viejo, 1. 14650, Bujalance

In Bujalance, in the countryside of Cordoba and in the heart of Andalusia, you will find El Tomate Restaurant. It is one of the best rated restaurants in town by its diners, who say it is a must for any visitor. 

El Tomate was founded in 1958 as a tavern-shop by Manuel Tello and Francisca de la Rosa. Later, in 1986, they converted it into a restaurant and the couple transferred the business to their son Alfonso Tello de la Rosa, who runs it today. 

The best flamenquín in Cordoba

Did you know that a study by gastroarchaeologist Alejandro Ibáñez of the University of Córdoba indicates that the origin of this dish is in Bujalance?

Since 1960, El Tomate has been one of the most famous restaurants for making one of the best flamenquines in the province. In fact, it boasts of being the temple of the Cordovan flamenquín.

The recipe that you will be able to taste in the restaurant is the one Francisca de la Rosa used to make in the past, although now her son Alfonso Tello continues the tradition.

At El Tomate they prepare it as it has always been done: with a pork fillet rolled over serrano ham and bacon, breaded and fried in extra virgin olive oil.

Restaurante El Tomate – Cordovan homemade food

The food offered at El Tomate Restaurant is homemade, typical Cordovan, quality and at an excellent price.

Among the most famous dishes are oxtail, eggplant with shrimp and stuffed potatoes, also a Bujalance classic.

The dishes most recommended by its customers are: partridge pate, stuffed potatoes, scrambled potatoes with egg, salmorejo, cod omelette, stuffed potatoes, Flamenquín, lamb chops, tuna with garlic, desserts etc..

In addition to the exquisite food, diners speak of the professionalism and good treatment of the restaurant’s team, who lovingly attend day after day to those visitors who decide to eat there. They also highlight the kindness and personality of the owner of El Tomate, Alfonso Tello, who treats his customers like family.

Faites partie de la famille de Tierras de Córdoba